Nine Stories From Another World

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 23, 2008 -- Nine short accounts of spiritual experiences; nine most surprising stories, bearing in mind that they are all true. The author of this short book, "Contact points" describes her "metaphysical" and spiritual experiences that she had all over her life, appealing "to all of those amongst us who believe they have an open mind", the author herself says.

Having studied spiritual and psychical matters, Moss is in a prime position to relate such accounts and aids the reader through describing her experiences in great detail, including her thoughts and understandings of each matter.

A spiritual autobiography to take a quick look to a very unusual existence, the events occurring in "Contact points" having surely as profound an effect on the reader as they do on Moss herself.

If you have ever suspected that someone who has passed from this world has made contact, this book will be a reassuring eye-opener. Written by a woman open to the endless possibilities that stem from the uncertainty of death on earth, 'Contact Points' is written for all those who leave a chance for the "other world" to exist and communicate with ours. Various occurrences, including visions, sounds, and even a message on a computer make up this extraordinary sequence of events. Is Moss amazingly lucky, or does she listen out for these occurrences more than the average griever? This question is not answered, but what becomes clear as the book progresses is the indescribable capabilities of contact with those who have left their bodies on this world and moved on to an infinitely unknowable different place.

This book is not pretentious or presumptuous and is told with a warm assurance that will inevitably win over readers, guiding them through an interesting alternative, yet existent reality.

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