No Other Wheelchair Is As Innovative Or Versatile As The Intrepid Power Wheelchair

Hudson, Fl (PressExposure) February 28, 2011 -- Top Mobility is proud to announce the newest wheelchair to their line of impressive wheelchairs, the Intrepid Power Wheelchair. It comes equipped with center-wheel drive which helps balance the center of gravity directly under the user. This also prevents tipping or veering off into different directions. The mid-wheel drive assures that drivers will be perfectly balanced as they ride and as they turn. Both will be a common occurrence from day-to-day and it is important to maintain a comfortable position. Turning radius comes in at 18 inches, the tightest radius for any wheelchair. This will come in handy when in elevators, offices, slim hallways, doorways, and virtually any space. Riding smoothness is also featured with this wheelchair. The tires that come on the Intrepid Power Wheelchair are flat-free making it perfect to take anywhere. Tires are also easily replaceable.

The state-of-the-art Quadraspring suspension system places two springs in each drive wheel stabilizing the ride. So regardless of how many bumps and other abnormalities the wheelchair drives over the springs will help stabilize the wheel, in turn lessening the shock that the user will feel. Over long periods of time, the body takes on all the stress from the mobility device and it can be devastating. Users can take advantage of the suspension system to ensure that they will get the most comfortable ride that's possible.

Speaking of comfort features, the chairs are height adjustable, meaning that the user can change the chair to match their height making it more comfortable for them to use. Other wheelchairs do not come with the capability to do so. The seats are also comfortable to sit in because they are plush, mending the shape to the shape of the user. Without comfortable seats, the rider will not feel comfortable being in the wheelchair for long periods of time. The headrest also comes standard. That can be adjustable so users can lean their head back and enjoy the ride.

The footplate is a standard feature on all Intrepid Power Wheelchairs that can not be ignored. The footplate can be adjustable to the length of the user's legs. It can also flip up or down upon the user's discretion. Having a place to rest the feet can be incredibly soothing.

Each seat comes with a seat-belt that keeps users strapped in and they can also be adjustable to fit their size. Other than the safety and comfort features, this wheelchair beats other wheelchair in performance.

The estimated range of this power wheelchair is 20 miles on one full battery. This range is virtually unheard of which makes this wheelchair a perfect addition for any user. Intrepid's wheelchair can be taken anywhere whether it's on vacation or going down to the beach without any issue. The total weight with batteries on the Intrepid weighs in at only 215 pounds. With no more heaviness or bulkiness users will have no problem taking the Intrepid Power Wheelchair with them. Users will have no more fear in going down to the store or using it to get to nearby stores without shutting down.

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