Noixia Delivers Safe, Affordable Alternatives to Lasers for Severe Acne Scarring

San Diego, CA (PressExposure) November 15, 2006 -- Ask anyone considering a laser treatment what they are waiting for and chances are the costs, crusting, weeping and extended inflammation that can accompany this cosmetic surgery makes them hesitant.

Noixia, a San Diego based a formulator of professional-grade skin care products, recognizes this aesthetic dilemma facing persons with acne scarring. Noixia formulated a three-part scar removal system to remove the stellar costs and risk associated with laser scar removal, while striving for laser-like results.

The three-part scar removal system consists of a natural exfoliating toner, a colloidal oatmeal skin softener and an aloe vera based moisturizer.

Nicole Dial, chief product formulator for Noixia, admits about the system, "I know it is difficult, but understandable for skin care skeptics to accept the natural products can produce results comparable to laser treatments, but our own studies and medical reports continue to attest to the effectiveness of properly formulated natural products."

The first part of the treatment, Formula Back-2-1, uses lactic acid to stimulate the growth of new collagen while the azelaic acid component lightens pigmented acne scars. The second part, Blackhead Bandit, serves multiple scar reducing functions including softening aged scar tissue, limiting inflammation and reducing skin redness.

The final part of the system, a concentrated aloe vera solution called Serenity Scar Serum restores the skin's natural pH, natural moisture barrier and speeds the skin's cell renewal rate.

Noixia's product line takes natural scar removal a step further by using effective ingredients in the proportions needed to have a therapeutic effect. As the FDA has pointed out before, "it would take much more aloe vera than most products contain for the anti-irritant properties to work."

Serenity Scar Serum contains over 80% organic aloe vera juice and 2% pure unadulterated essential oils that help skin repair faster. Blackhead Bandit uses at least 15% pure colloidal oatmeal by weight to help soften the skin.

Noixia created its Acne Scar Removal System, starting with the central research question, "How do we create healthier skin?" as opposed to, "How do we remove acne scars?" From this basis, Noixia developed a three-part complimentary scar removal system to address all of the changes that must occur in to repair damaged skin and create a healthier, more youthful look.

The three-part system removes the damaged layers of the skin, restores the moisture content and pH level, softens the skin and limits skin irritation. San-Joyz explains, "Even while clients are starting to see improvement in their acne scars, one of their first comments of about the changes in their skin is how much healthier it feels."

Based on data from sources like the US Census Bureau, the American Academy of Dermatology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Noixia estimates that at least 17 million Americans have one or more acne scars. Noixia developed the acne scar removal line to give people like San Diego college student Ibi Osibodu a more affordable and safe option for scar removal.

Osibodu has used the three-part scar removal system for four weeks and reports, "I use them religiously every single day and my skin looks and feels great... My scars and dark spots definitely look better, and I hope they'll eventually clear off with continued use."

Noixia compiles and constantly updates a before and after portfolio to help clients better access the scar improvements they can expect using the three-part system. You can find the portfolio and more details about custom acne scar removal options at

About Noixia

Noixia is an image makeover research firm dedicated to helping people intelligently, affordably and safely enhance their image. Noixia’s core focus is offering customized skin solutions for individuals with severe acne scarring on the face and body. Thousands of people who coped with acne scarring have achieved a more refined and polished look at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures by using Noixia products. Noixia’s product development edge is based on proprietary skin absorption and key ingredient release mechanisms. Anyone seeking to remove acne scars can find custom, clinically proven solutions at

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