Non Harmful Bird Control Through Changing Pigeon Perching Habits

Vadodara, Gujarat India (PressExposure) May 25, 2011 -- Bird Control System is required because the domestic birds are found in every town and city. The cliff-dwelling habit of early ancestor pigeons has now changed to ledge nesting habits. They nest at any time of year but mainly during summer and require effective Pigeon Control System.

The pigeon ledge nesting habit needs Bird control because it has caused great inconveniences for public places. In open industrial sheds, the large number of roosting pigeons causes serious damage to metal girders due to their acidic droppings.

Bird control services are necessary because pigeon droppings are known to create significant workplace health and safety issues. Pigeono bird spikes are more effective at bird prevention and pigeon control than any previous device anywhere. It is non -harmful and completely eco-friendly bird problem solution. Once the pigeono bird spike is installed the pigeons will have to find another area to roost in and stop returning.

Pigeono polycarbonate bird spikes are Roosting Deterrent

This pigeon bird pest bird control roosting deterrent product is far less costly than stainless steel bird spikes for pigeon control but just as effective.

The polycarbonate bird deterrent pigeon control products are designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting and nesting in unwanted places. Pigeon control services is environmentally friendly in that it is especially developed as a simple, non-harmful permanent solution to put an end to the nuisance of pest birds. Pigeon spikes are widely used worldwide in industrial, commercial, public and domestic locations.

These pigeons bird spikes are produced through moulds with transparent U.V. treated polycarbonate. This pigeons control process makes the product cheaper and less obtrusive than other products. It is easy to fix on to ledges, rafters, girders or sills with adhesives, nails or screws.

What's more the polycarbonate spike guard features include transparency or color, durable, flexible, easy to install and come with fitting instructions.

Placed end to end, the bird spike technology produce long bird roosting deterrent barrier consisting of two side by side rows of bird spikes. The product design allows the strips to be slotted together end to end. This placement can create wide span of spikes with a base width over long distances.

The bird spikes made out of polycarbonate are non-conductive and do not interfere with electronic communications in any way whatsoever. They can even be attached to TV and other communication aerials to stop the nuisance of birds landing and dirtying up the surfaces.

A special, high quality neutral curing silicone based adhesive is developed for the installation and fixing of bird repellent spikes systems on any required surface.


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