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Raleigh, North Carolina (PressExposure) September 25, 2009 -- According to William Douglas, owner of WMDouglas Property Management [] , "These hard times are where WMDouglas Property Management, a leading North and South Carolina Property and Financial management company, can help. We combine our expertise in Property Management and Financial Management to offer services of value such as preparation of budgets, billing homeowners, and collecting homeowner dues and late fees. Quality management services since 1980 have allowed us to understand the Carolinas people and the markets at a very intricate level. This allows us to offer unprecedented quality in their Association and financial management services".

Many Homeowners Associations have a hard time complying with regulations and understanding budgeting, which is necessary for these larger property associations. There are by-laws and other regulations that have to be followed to protect the values of the properties in the association. Many boards at the Homeowner's Associations don't do this as a full-time job and many have no expertise, when it comes to property management.   Having a property management company to handle all of the billing, collections, budgeting and finance, maintenance or repairs is essential to the success of the condominium owner associations, homeowner's associations, town home owner associations, co-ops and commercial condominium owners associations that we exclusively represent. Because we have been in the business almost three decades, we understand the effect that financial resources can have on these properties that need capital improvements on a consistent basis.   Proper maintenance and repairs are essential to property values and curb appeal. Many associations make the mistake of letting all property values go down as more people fall behind on the fees and dues that are necessary to maintain the value of the properties. Not only is this not fair to those that pay, but it could wind up in a lawsuit. Because WM Douglas Property Management attends the owner's and board meetings, we stay actively involved in the properties we manage. We have efficient record-keeping, fee invoicing and collection procedures to keep cash flow optimal. We offer online bill paying for fees, which helps keep the fees coming in to keep the associations financially secure.   A foreclosed home on a block can bring down the values of the rest of the properties. Through maintaining these properties, even after foreclosures have taken place, it is easier to sell them because people don't like to buy a home in a declining neighborhood, even if it is a good deal. The same applies to condos and townhomes. A part is only as good as the whole, when it comes to property associations or homeowner's associations.   The financial responsibility of the board may be more than they are prepared to handle, and our proven procedures, financial accounting, and budgetary preparation can help them in audits, at tax time and during the annual property owner's meetings. Preparing budgets and determining capital expenditure needs are part of the financial management services we offer.   Through our maintenance request section of our website, we make sure that it is easy to load a service call for repairs that are needed. We specialize in the best and most effective property management tools for successful management of homeowner's associations or condo associations by quickly taking care of needed repairs. Because we have the systems in place, we can handle them internally and call in outside technical support, when it is needed. Effectively handling repair needs and outside contractor bidding is important in meeting your budget and necessary for proper upkeep.   At WM Douglas Property Management, we have developed the most effective procedures, which is what has made our company a leading property management company for associations across several states. Our local representatives are close by to monitor the associations we manage. This can be important when it comes to collecting fees and dues, also.   Most of the residents in our managed developments like the convenience we offer to collect their fees online with the use of our website. We have found this improves cash flow and makes it easier for online billing and payment collections to be monitored. Many people like the convenience, but for the boards of associations, they like the ease of tracking. The auto draft forms, maintenance request forms, and change of address forms can be easily downloaded from our website at .   Because property management is more important than ever to maintain property values and manage the upkeep of the developments that have HOAs, there is an increasing need for additional services to be professionally handled and convenient online services for maintenance, fees and dues invoicing and bill payments. A full service property management company, like WM Douglas Property Management is what many of the homeowners and condo-owners associations need, when times get rough.   North Carolina properties especially need guidance to weather the storm of foreclosures and slow-paying collections to maintain developments and make capital improvements that can increase resale and the time it takes to sell a property. It's nice to know that you can quickly sell homes, condos, or townhomes in your development, when it is known for highly effective management and upkeep. A professional and full service property management company, such as WM Douglas Property Management Company can take care of your financial, budgetary, maintenance, fee invoicing, and collection needs. You can learn more at .

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