Nuclear Radiation Warning! Home Radiation Safety Guide Shows You How to Protect Yourself and Family from Radiation Poisoning using Natural Supplements and Devices

Claremont, CA (PressExposure) April 17, 2011 -- Radiation Warning

Radiation from Japan's nuclear plant is still sending cancer causing radiation throughout the western world. The effects of radiation exposure include cancer, genetic and reproductive damage, hormonal damage, losing all your hair, developing boils on your skin, and thyroid blockage. We are told by the "medical experts" to just take potassium iodide(or iodine) and that will keep us safe. Potassium iodide will actually clog up the thyroid gland and stop radiation from spreading throughout our bodies is what we are told. This is simply false. Particularly for the type of radiation (cesium 137) that is contaminating our food and water supplies. There are 5 things you must do to make sure you are safe from Exposure to Radiation.

The 5 Things You Must Know About Radiation Safety

Monitoring Radiation

It is extremely important to know if the area you live in is contaminated with radioactive isotopes (radiation exposure). You can keep up to date by using the internet to get a wider range of reports than the "corporate" viewpoint on mainstream media news. The best method for your home or office is to get an actual radiation detector or Geiger counter. There are inexpensive models for home use that will show you if radiation is being detected in or around your home or office. It can even let you know if the food or water you're about to consume is safe to do so. It's is best not to rely on public officials to tell you "It's safe for you to use." In fact, the Japanese government did a television broadcast showing them eating and promoting the safety of their vegetables (from Fukushima, no less.) Avoid these like the plague and test it for yourself. Learn to Detect Radiation .

Radiation Safe Foods and Drinks

This radiation safety guide shows you where to get foods that are safe to eat, and beverages and water that is safe to drink. It will even show you which foods will naturally protect you from radiation exposure sickness and poisoning. You really need to know this. You will find out where to get survival foods if you need to do so as well.

Water Purification

The main carrier of radiation poisoning is through our water supply. You will discover which methods work to purify your water and remove radioactive isotopes and which ones will leave you really sick. There are even strategies for people on the go. You can use these for heavy metal and bacterial contamination from outdoor water sources too. Good for camping or drinking water from an unknown source. Don't play Russian roulette with your water, get the Water Purification Systems that work.

Natural Herbs for Radiation Protection

Discover which herbs will help you the most. Which ones to take for protection and which to take to detox. There is one particular natural supplement so strong that it detoxes plutonium, cesium, uranium. It was used to clean up the Chernobyl disaster a half century ago. You will want to keep some of these on hand for emergencies and during times of high radiation exposure. Use the Herbs for Radiation [] that actually work.

Treatment for Radiation Exposure

Uncover a complete list of natural supplements, herbs and technologies that that you can use to make sure that you and your family get through this catastrophe without ending up in the hospital yourself. Don't wait until you need a doctor or get hospitalized. Everyone knows that a hospital is no place to get better. Please use this radiation safety guide and you won't have to panic when radiation levels are found in your area or in your food or water supply.

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