Numvaders, Zeenoh's First Game to be Released This March

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The new generation of gaming has been booming for the past couple of years, dominating mobile devices. Zeenoh aims to release a unique game that has been fully integrated with an arcade gameplay and educational faculties. It is an ideal learning tool for children so that they may learn and improve their math skills. It can be an interactive means to teach children at school so that they may enjoy learning, to keep them interested in performing activities. Numvaders presents a colorful and dynamic interface, coupled with a basic game play in which children would be able to grasp immediately. It can also be pre-coded in line with the school's curriculum. Jhondie Abenaza, CEO of Zeenoh believes that "Numvaders is both an educational tool and an interactive arcade game. It is a combined genre in the sense that it teaches and enhances mathematical skills, through tackling a gameplay that involves adventure and a goal to defeat villains."

It can be utilized with math and science activities, as the cost of the game isn't costly compared to other virtual learning models. The key factor that makes the game unique is it's portable, so a child can practice whenever or wherever he pleases. It stimulates their brain to register numbers in a quick span of time and solve them immediately, thus improving one's response time. A child would then become observant, keen and alert.

First Game Release
Numvaders is a series of time attack challenges that involve basic arithmetic. Players must go through each stage defeating enemies by keying in the correct sum, difference, product or quotient. The game allows one to brush up on math skills, as the objective is to solve math questions quickly, in correct sequence. It gets more difficult as the game progresses, in terms of quantity of the questions and the time pressure in which they must be answered.

There are 10 worlds that must be unlocked to finish the game. In every world, players will encounter different Alien Generals called the Numviens at the end of each stage, whom they must defeat to level up. Boss challenges get more difficult as per each level, as questions must be answered immediately before the Numvien attacks. Life bonuses, power-ups and shields are available to aid players in becoming a Math General.

Numvaders is also compatible with game networking, as it allows players to monitor their performance through the leader board and the achievement reports through Game Center or Open Feint. Apart from that, players would also be able to amass goodies in each Zeenoh game they play. The Z-Goodies are collectible virtual goods that aim to boost game play; it helps enhance one's ability to achieve more goals and reach the highest score. Upon completing a game, a player will receive special items or additional virtual currency. The items received are dependent to the score made in a particular stage. Stages can be repeated multiple times, thus improving score, giving higher chances of receiving more Z-Goodies.

- 10 Challenging Worlds
- 10 Space Craft (Z-Craft)
- Learn math while you play with it!
- Basic Math Operations (MDAS).
- Basic MDAS training mastery.
- Recommended for all ages.
- GAME CENTER (Leaderboards & Achievements)
- Open Feint (Leaderboards & Achievements)

- iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 and iPad.
- iOS 3.2 and above.

Numvaders can be downloaded here:

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