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Miami, FL (PressExposure) December 21, 2011 -- For many, the holidays are filled with trips here and there across the country and that often means eating airline food. Unfortunately, not only does airline food deserve the bad rap when it comes to taste, it also doesn't offer anything in the sense of good nutrition either. A recent survey by Diet found that few airlines even bother to list the nutritional content in their foods, and much of what they serve is high calorie snacks. Your best bet this holiday season is Nutrition bars from 22 Days.

Even The Healthy Airline Foods Are Bad For You

Even if you think you're getting a healthy choice while you're sitting on a flight, the chances are good that it's not quite as good for you as you think it is. Take the United Airlines turkey sandwich, for example. You'll end up with 600 calories that you probably don't need. If you opt for 22 Days' Nut Butter Buddha Crunch bar instead, though you'll get just 230 delicious calories packed with the protein you need to keep you full throughout the flight.

22 Days has a complete line of nutrition bars that are perfect whether you're headed to the airport for a long flight, you have an extensive car trip, or you're just traveling cities finishing up your holiday shopping.

As Delicious As They Are Healthy

While nutrition bars have long been the best alternative while you're traveling because they're portable and convenient, the biggest obstacle for many has been the taste factor. Often traditional Nutrition bars have been nowhere near as delicious as the portable junk food you can pick up on the go. Even here, 22 Days is working to change the equation.

"When we launched our line of nutrition bars, I wanted to make sure taste was at the forefront of everything we did," said Marco Borges. "So we opted to include ingredients people might actually want to eat like organic chocolate, almonds, and even pumpkin seed. It's important to us that our flavors taste as good as they sound."

The strategy seems to be working for the company, too, as publications like Veg News and Woman's Day have already started to name their favorite flavors. With so many people headed for the airport during the holiday season, adding 22 Days to your routine instead of problematic, tasteless airline foods may be the best holiday gift you could give yourself.

22Days was created by celebrity trainer Marco Borges to offer healthy food on the go for every lifestyle. A bestselling author, he recently published "Power Moves: The Four Motions to Transform Your Body for Life," and he continues to develop great flavors for his line of organic energy and protein bars.

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