Obesity Risk to Offspring Affected by Pre-Pregnancy Diet, Mouse Study Suggests

Manchester, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 08, 2011 -- It's known that overweight and diet are related factors. And it's quite usual to find oneself around dieters, whether we're at home or at work. We might possibly even find ourselves dieting now and again. And there's a high probability that the diet has a great deal to do with weight management.

The dieter may well be doing other things to aid in losing weight, such as exercising but the number one concern is likely to be with their diet. Which makes sense.

And it appears that the connection between diet and overweight is as appropriate for mice as for humans.

Mice fed a normal diet during pregnancy but a low protein diet for two and a half months before conception produced offspring of lower than average weight at birth. But says expert and MSc research fellow Ms Anete Dudele: "There is ... evidence that male offspring are more likely to develop obesity."

Also per Ms Dudele's research, serous lifestyle illnesses may be intimately connected with poor nutrition prior to conception. It isn't always the case one hundred per cent that what applies to baby mice applies in equal measure to human babies.

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It's undoubtedly true that amongst many cultures, ensuring that a pregnant mother is well nourished has been something done as a matter of course. In some cultures great play is made of effecting every possible sacrifice so that the mother is fed the best possible provisions it's possible to find. So that a robustly strong child is produced.

So it's usual to take great care of 'mum' during the pregnancy. How interesting to observe that unless one gets certain key basics right even before pregnancy, the health of any offspring might consequently get seriously compromised.

Similarly it is near impossible to read many of the articles at the above referenced website and come away with any other idea than the following: that in myriad ways one must pay maximum attention to the link between diet and weight.

That's how it is that the outcome of Ms Dudele's research work has a familiar ring to it - the results of which research are to be presented in Glasgow at the annual conference of the Society for Experimental Biology.

Although we spoke of the obesity developed in male mice that was far from being the only serious health issue developed. One might actually the main issue addressed here with that of children eating an excess of junk. And following that, the development of serous illnesses later on.

Simple errors resulting in such heavy consequences!

This relates so well with what happens with newly born mice...

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