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Westport, Connecticut (PressExposure) January 12, 2010 -- Conforming to the adage of quality over quantity, Shaklee Whole Food Supplements are made from natural ingredients, namely concentrated whole foods, thus providing the complete spectrum of required nutrients. As the manufacturing process does not rely on the use of heat the nutritional quality of the ingredients is maintained as they remain in their natural biological state.

Both vitamins and minerals cannot act in isolation often requiring additional compounds to help improve the rate of absorption into the human system. These additional compounds occur naturally in whole foods whereas artificially produced supplements generally have a lower impact or even create deficiencies for this very reason. However, since Shaklee Whole Food Supplements rely on the use of concentrated whole foods to deliver these important nutrients, this means that they feature a complete formula and deliver the powerful punch that can only come from eating whole foods.

It has been known that nutritional absorption from eating whole foods is much greater than taking supplements that use artificially synthesized vitamins and minerals. However, as diets do not improve they must be supplemented in some form or another, which is where Shaklee Whole Food Supplements shine. Another advantage to supplements based on concentrated whole foods is that the body recognizes the biological state of the concentrated whole foods and thus is more efficient at utilizing these nutrients.

Shaklee Whole Food Supplements provide the best mineral, vitamin and herbal nutrients as quality is not compromised with the use of artificially extracted ingredients. Since these supplements are derived from concentrated food they provide a complete nutritional profile that is still in its original, biological form leading to improved absorption and more efficient nutrient utilization in the body.

Shaklee Whole Food Supplements are supported and recommended by medical professionals, such as Anthony Antolics, who discovered that the best supplements must be based on natural, whole foods after conducting extensive studies and research as a result of a heart attack. The latter led Mr. Antolics to understand that his supplementation program was not delivering the expected results and decided to take matters into his own hands. As a result of his research he found the Shaklee Corporation. You can read more about his story and the value of Whole Food Supplements on http://www.thenutritionnurse.com

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