October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month - A Great Time to Feature This Book!


by Shelley Frost and Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

NOT just another pet care book

Endorsed by The Humane Society of the United States

Every year tens of thousands of Americans pluck desperate dogs out of danger... speeding traffic... starvation... floods... to give them better lives. Two million more Americans adopt best friends from shelters.

We all know there are millions of homeless, neglected, and abused dogs. But what about the people who are out there struggling--one by one--to save them? Legions of individual rescuers around the country drain their time, health, finances, and relationships in this frustrating, never-ending battle.

This unique new book goes far beyond other dog care books, responding not only to the plight of needy canines but also to all those unsung human heroes who want to help.

It provides upbeat, step-by-step guidance to those who cannot turn away. 
It's the first book focusing on first-responder dog rescue--providing detailed, nuts-and-bolts instruction on what to do when you find a dog in need.
It's the first how-to guide addressing the long-overlooked needs of dog rescuers, and the fact that we rescuers need "rescue" as well.
 Why are there so many dogs in trouble? Why do so many of us have to knock ourselves out to help them? Why should a nation with the resources and ingenuity of the U.S. have to resort to euthanasia of three to four million 'disposable' pets per year?

YOUR ADOPTED DOG confronts this epidemic in a fact-based, constructive way, providing practical know-how on the nationwide problem of pet overpopulation as well as on adopting a canine pal from a shelter, or saving one off the streets.

Throughout the book, “Happily Ever After True Stories” spotlight individuals and families in successful, inspiring rescues of best friends in need. “Kellie Moments” chronicle the rescue of co-author Shelley's new adoptee Kellie--told from that peppy pooch's point of view.

 THE AUTHORS AND MEDIA APPEARANCES Shelley Frost and Katerina Lorenzatos Makris have each rescued dozens of dogs and have worked and volunteered at shelters for a combined four decades of experience.

Veteran writers with extensive backgrounds in journalism and video production, they make lively guests, passionate and well-informed about their cause.
Both Shelley and Katerina rescued/adopted dogs while they wrote the book. Shelley's photogenic adoptee Kellie is the book's “spokesmodel” and steals the show at appearances. Or, upon request, the authors can bring along dogs available for adoption.

WEB SITE AND VIDEO Visit http://www.youradopteddog.com to see a video about the book and the authors.


"After 29 years in the animal protection movement and reading many articles on animal care and rescue YOUR ADOPTED DOG blew me away. It covered every aspect of not only rescue and care but just about any question you could have come up with regarding dogs. It is filled with very simple and understandable “guides” and “how to” solutions to often asked questions. It’s brilliant, it says it the way it is, and it’s a must read for anyone who just cares about animals. I’ve learned a lot from this book and so will you!" --Chris DeRose, Last Chance for Animals

"Whether working on their own, as part of an adoption group or in a
shelter, those who rescue homeless dogs are a special breed. Rescue
requires compassion, dedication and lots of work. If you're
contemplating involvement in rescue, have just started out or have
adopted a rescue dog, this book will help you understand and navigate
the risks and rewards of your new adventure." --Nancy Petersen, The Humane Society of the United States.

"The salvation, protection or care of other sentient beings brings us much closer to our own humanity. Dogs, who are known to perceive as well as absorb our energies are often guileless mirrors to our own condition. This book is a convenient and comprehensive guide to satisfying the desire to help those in need--in deeds. A must read for those who want to do the right thing by and for our "best friends.” --Esai Morales, actor/activist.

"Anyone and everyone will benefit from this complete and total resource supporting the rescuing, caregiving, and adoption of our homeless and stray companion animals. If you're interested in adopting or know someone who is, I predict this to be the future encyclopedia on companion care. With this book you will never be without an answer or a support system." --Debra Wilson Skelton, actress and animal advocate.

About Your Adopted Dog

SHELLEY FROST, a lifelong advocate for animal rescue, has served in both executive and volunteer positions at shelters. An author, drama instructor, and video producer, Shelley is currently making documentaries about pet overpopulation. She is also the proud "mom" of Kellie, adopted from Mexico.

KATERINA LORENZATOS MAKRIS (a.k.a. Kathryn Makris) has written 17 novels for major publishers, many articles for national publications, and a teleplay for network TV. Active in animal causes since age ten, she, with the aid of her gallant husband, has rescued and rehomed dozens of dogs in need and kept nine more.


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