Ohio Business Law Provides Protection Against Churning And Breach Of Fiduciary Duties

Cleveland, OH (PressExposure) January 11, 2012 -- If you have experienced a significant financial loss that was caused because your financial advisor or stockbroker deliberately or fraudulently took advantage of you, then you need to contact an Ohio securities fraud attorney [http://www.businesslitigation-attorney.com/Class-Action/Securities-Fraud.shtml] immediately. Each and every day thousands of investors all over the US put their trust and money in the hands of financial professionals, only to find that they have been deliberately taking advantage of them. If you have suffered from a similar disregard for your financial well-being, under Ohio business law [http://www.businesslitigation-attorney.com], you may have a case for litigation through securities fraud.

We can provide you with an Ohio securities fraud attorney who understands how financial advisors and stockbrokers are supposed to do their jobs. They also understand that those who breached their fiduciary responsibilities with you, will likely have done so with many other people. For this reason, it is vital that you secure an experienced business litigation attorney to pursue justice on your behalf.

The most experienced Ohio securities fraud attorneys will understand that investigating securities fraud is extremely complex and very difficult. When it comes to investments, it is your decision on how you divide those assets, as well as when you buy or sell your stocks. We understand that most people provide their stockbrokers with carte blanche when it comes to making sound financial decisions.

Although stockbrokers are generally not responsible for any losses you incur, they are ethically and professionally bound by certain responsibilities that are intended to limit the potential losses that you may face. These responsibilities are known as fiduciary duties, and may have been compromised through a deliberate action of omission, misrepresentation or other type of fraudulent activities. In situations such as this, under Ohio business law, you are entitled to take legal action against them.

Stockbrokers are not allowed to make trades for you without your express permission. However, if an investment broker buys or sells your stocks for the sole purpose of creating a commission for themselves, which is called churning, they are breaking the law. In addition, churning can also provoke your stockbroker into giving you bad investment advice.

If you feel you have been a victim of churning, our team of Ohio securities fraud attorneys may be able to help you. In many cases, innumerable people may have been subject to the unlawful treatment of churning, misrepresentations and other fraudulent activities, which can also create the need for a class action lawsuit. At our law firm, we can provide you with the experience, skill and the resources that you need in order to pursue an extremely complex class action lawsuit, and achieve results.

We at Seaman Garson proffer a superior team of business litigation attorneys for all of your needs. We are located at 614 W. Superior Ave., 16th floor, Suite 1600 in the Rockefeller Building in Cleveland. You can contact us via phone at 216-592-8741, or toll-free at 866-409-6215. We are also available on the Internet at [http://www.businesslitigation-attorney.com]. Protect yourself and your investments against fraudulent activities by contacting our team of Ohio securities fraud attorneys today.

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