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Toormina, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) September 20, 2007 -- At last ... it is now possible to have a photographic memory with Omina. From an educational or communication perspective you can now capture everything, review anything and collaborate with anyone and forget nothing ...

What is risk management and why does it apply to any profession? Risk management is about securing yourself against future law suits. Risk management is a problem faced by all businesses and companies. Because all companies are faced with risk management it is important to implement the right measures to reduce your risk.

Risk management with Omina's software solutions Risk Management is no longer an issue because with Omina's secure software solutions complete and accurate recording is now possible.

How? With Omina's software solutions files are digitally time and date coded. These files can comprise of a single channel (ie, digitally hand written notes) or multiple channels (ie digitally hand written notes as well as a digitally recorded voice). A voice recording can be either by telephone, microphone, pocket recorder or face to face etc. You can also add any other channel type as long as it can be captured digitally. Omina has absolutely no limits. Because all recordings are part of a single .omina file, you are now able to interact between them. For example, if you click on a digital hand written note, it will bring you to that exact point in time where the verbal recording took place. Alternatively, if you click on the verbal recording it will bring up the notes taken at that time.

The simple thing about Omina's software solutions is that you do not have to change the way you are currently doing things. Instead of using a regular pen and paper, you change to a digital pen and paper. This allows an electronic version of your notes to be synchronized by the software. Because everything is recorded and stored digitally you don't have to worry about it taking up any space. This also means that the file is now searchable as you have created an index with your written notes. If you prefer to also transcribe the voice recording, this will now make the voice recording fully indexable.

Now with Omina's software solutions risk management is made easier because in case of a dispute you are now able to search and retrieve your recording. The file can be fully protected so that there can be no alterations made. Thus making risk management a part of your everyday without even having to think about it.

What is knowledge management and why does it apply to any profession? Knowledge management is a vital part of today's living. At the moment we have a vast amount of knowledge that is not being captured or used to its full potential. Information is being transferred and exchanged at a faster rate than ever and we want to make sure that what we know is current and most importantly accurate.

Knowledge management with Omina's software solutions With Omina's software solutions we are taking knowledge management one step further. You are no longer limited by having various forms of information scattered. Omina's software solutions enables all relevant information to be located in one .omina file.

How? With Omina's software solutions it is possible to record a verbal communication (ie a lecture or verbal presentation). Then we can add any presentations which may have been involved (ie a video recording, PowerPoint presentation) as well as any loose leaf information (ie handouts or digitally hand written notes). These channels are just an idea of what is possible, but the possibilities are endless. You now have the complete information you have just received. All this information is stored into one file and time and date coded. This means that you are able to review any or all of these documents/recordings at any time.

Because the file is digital you are able to transfer it electronically, now expanding the knowledge further. Also, with Omina's software solutions it is possible to add more information to the file. This information can also be by any digital form, ie hyperlinks, video, documents, digitally hand written notes, voice recordings etc. This means that yourself, or a third party, can now add more depth to the knowledge.

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