One of the Most Popular Skylanders Characters, Trigger Happy

Richardson, Texas (PressExposure) March 04, 2012 -- Trigger happy is among the most recognizable skylanders character, and absolutely my son's favorite. With his wacky eyes, long waggling tongue and huge golden coin shooting guns, he is good fun to play. Each time SkylandersTrigger Happy [] shoots his gun, he creates a entertaining cackle. You attain money and then can buy upgrades, as the game advances. Trigger happy begins the game with a regular "coin blast" and can also "throw a safe". His upgrades include "pot of gold", which he can throw at adversaries and and much more powerful "coin blasts". Trigger Happy is among the tech group of Skylander. Tech Skylanders make use of technology to help wipe out their enemies.

Trigger Happy is part of the starter kit for Skylanders: Spiro's Adventures. The Portal of Power, the Video Game, and two other Skylanders characters Gill Grunt and Spiro, are in the Starter Kit. Also provided in the starter pack are trading cards, a character poster, a sticker sheet and web codes. Make sure you purchase the right starter kit, as they have been designed to work on either the Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3 or PC. It is now rumoured that a Skylanders Legendary trigger Happy [] is about to be released on the market.

The Skylanders concept of the toys communicating directly with the game, via the portal of power, has really broken brand new ground. Once a player chooses their Skylander and places it on the portal of power, the character appears in the video game. When the player desires to change Skylanders character, then all they need to do is take the Skylander off of the portal and add a different one. If a Skylander dies in the game, you can just substitute it with another one, which is an extra bonus. This means you can continue playing without ending the game, the more Skylanders characters you possess.

The Game Skylanders:Spiro's Adventure looks wonderful, and plays brilliantly. The story of the game is that The Skylanders have at all times used their magical powers and weapons to safeguard the Skylands for generations. However an evil tyrant has frozen all the Skylanders and sent them to Earth, where they are trapped. Players use the Portal of Power to transfer the Skylanders back to their world and help saving the Skylands from evil. When actively playing the game players have a whole different selection of activities open to them . They can explore the magical worlds of Skylands, which have truly been brought to life in a lovely, rich colourful way, and of course fight to save the Skylands. There are many different adventures and puzzles to solve on the way. Players can challenge themselves in fun mini games, and choose to play with or against their friends.

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