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Germany, (PressExposure) September 23, 2008 -- Have you never been mellow? Or are you a little hardcore? Now you can be both, because recently released the world's very first Internet Clock Radio that you can use in your web browser, and there are literally hundreds of internet radio stations available to listen to, for every musical taste, from mellow to hardcore and everywhere in between. A few years ago, when went online, it was the first website on the internet devoted to being nothing more than a simple alarm clock. This in itself was something new, as there is quite a leap from using a standard alarm clock to using an online version. The folks at were amazed at how quickly the concept of the online alarm clock caught on. even made it to the front page of (thank you, Digg!). Success was then not far off, as claimed a large loyal user base of returning users as well as a continuous stream of new visitors to the OnlineClock website.

If you plan to wake up in style, now has yet another wonderful surprise for you--the first ever online clock radio. If you want to switch over from the traditional tring-tring or cock-a-doodle-do of a normal alarm clock and wish to bring a little variety into your life, this Beta version of the first ever internet-based Clock Radio is the perfect addition to your life. Notably, if you're a music lover and if music means a lot to you, then the online clock radio will bring a big smile to your face as you discover many internet radio stations and songs that you'd previously never knew existed. All you have to do is download the Basic (free) version of RealPlayer (if you don't already have it installed), select your choice of radio station and then set your desired alarm time. Use the internet clock radio to wake yourself up or to set useful reminders during the day.

So, say hello to no more "Oops I'm late again" and say goodbye to those dirty looks from your boss for missing that early meeting. Step into a new "you" and get punctual starting now with This Digital Clock Radio can be used at any time, every single day, for free. The Internet Clock Radio offers you such a wide variety of music, talk and comedy that you will never be bored. Yes, in addition to the usual music stations for every conceivable genre of music, there are also many stations for spoken word programs, talk programs, comedy stations and even film and tv soundtracks available. The developers at are continually in the process of developing new and improved versions of all of the online clocks on their website, and they are passionate about what they do. So look out for many new features to be added in the near future.

What's more, if you happen to spend a night on the road for a business trip, you can set up the Alarm Clock Radio on the laptop in your hotel room. Not only will you no longer be bored with the accompaniment of your desired radio station in the background, but you can also set the alarm to wake yourself up well in time for tomorrow's big meeting. In this way the Online Radio Clock is a device you can always take with you, wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser. truly wants to be your alarm clock and radio on the web.

We're very sorry to report, however, that the streaming radio feature does not currently function in the Safari or Opera web browsers. Online Clock hopes that future updates to the RealPlayer software will solve this browser compatibility problem.

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