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Brighton, Australia (PressExposure) July 21, 2011 -- "Fears can't always be overcome overnight. There may be years of deep-seeded anxiety and panic to overcome," says expert psychotherapist, Adam Szmerling, Melbourne Counselling & Psychotherapy Specialist. "You should only ever seek treatment for your phobias from a qualified counselor, hypnotherapist or psychotherapist. But it's important to remember that qualifications, alone, don't make a great therapist. Experience, compassion, empathy, communication skills and open-mindedness are equally as - if not more - important," he exclaims.

Adam Szmerling and his counseling partner John Arber who is also a Melbourne Counseling and Hypnotherapy Specialist, utilize the mindfulness and attachment theory to execute successful Skype counseling. Avoiding some of your emotions and not dealing with it or worse not being able to identify it as an actual phobia can have distressful long term effects. Your first step towards effectively handling the phobia situation is to first accept that you suffer from the particular phobia. "We can help you to change some common patterns of ingrained inner conflicts and most often confidential online counseling can help you feel safer, be able to easily open up and share your true feelings rather than one on one meetings," says John.

Time zones are never a problem, even if you are located somewhere else than Melbourne, you may email these counselors and acquire a Skype counseling appointment beforehand. You could also brief your problem of phobia/fear of a certain aspect of life and detail the psychotherapist a little on your background so that you do not feel completely out of place during your first Skype interaction.

The phobias are treated effectively through skilful psychotherapy, unbiased and non-judgmental counseling and a respectful way to find a resolve to your phobias. "I have been trained to use a variety of clinical techniques such as Client centered counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational therapy and Bio-Feedback," says John. "I and Adam have encountered people who have issues such as fear of heights, agoraphobia, dental phobia, needle phobia, emetophobia, claustrophobia, social phobia, sex phobia, public speaking fear, fear of flying and other specific phobia in the past and found that online counseling is as effective as is personal visits," he adds.

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Adam Szmerling and John Arber, well qualified and proficiently experienced professional counselors Melbourne and psychotherapist delve in online counseling and reach out to people in need of emotional nurturing. Skype counseling is executed with mindfulness and attachment theory to give a fulfilling online counseling experience at

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