Online Publication Weathers Life's Storms And Economic Crunch

Beresford, SD (PressExposure) January 21, 2012 -- Beresford, SD business owner, Alyice Edrich, has run a successful online magazine ( for nearly ten years while raising two beautiful children. It has even survived moving states, Edrich's burn-out, and the current economic crisis plaguing our great country.

When asked how she managed to hold onto her business during tough times Edrich says, "I put so many unpaid man hours into the publication that I knew I couldn't let it die without a fight. Even when I didn't have enough ad revenue or sales to purchase new content, I still found myself spending an hour or two a day trying to keep it alive via the social networks, and a couple of hours a month writing new content myself."

"Then my husband encouraged me to pick up crafting, as a way to release stress," she continues. "And that's when the burn-out started to lift. For the next few years, I continued craft, and talk about crafting on various forums while I continued to do the bare minimums with the publication... all the while hoping the economy would pick up and my business could once again be the profitable little engine it once was."

"Then a hacker attacked my website and I knew it was time to move my publication from the outdated Frontpage 2003, to a more secure solution. That's when I discovered Expression Web, from Microsoft, and began learning about CSS."

"The Dabbling Mum® has undergone a huge transformation this year, thanks to that hacker. The site loads faster; it has a cleaner, crisper look; outdated content has been removed; and I've added several other revenue streams to help fund the publication's existence."

"It's as though the publication has a whole new lease on life and I can't wait to see where it takes us!"

"I have always wanted to create a free place for parents to learn about blending small business life with family life," says Edrich. "But more importantly, I wanted it to be a trust-worthy place... a place where they could feel at home, a place where they could gain the confidence they needed to take the next step towards their dreams. And now, I've done that..."

"I am just so glad that I weathered the storms and didn't give up because I see so many more possibilities in store for myself, the publication, and my readers."

With a high amount of professionalism, The Dabbling Mum ® offers parents a safe place to learn about everything from running a home-based business to succeeding as a freelance writer to growing as an parent to crafting with one's children to creating interesting dishes like Pad Thai.

If you haven't heard of The Dabbling Mum ®, stop by There are over 1,800 articles covering everything from arts and crafts to parenting to small business to freelance writing to recipes, and the stories behind them. There's even a section for Christian fiction and family-themed movies.

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