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Westfield, NJ (PressExposure) July 28, 2011 -- Traditional advertising mediums like direct mailings, print and billboards have been proven to still be effective across many different audiences. This idea makes sense because people are still getting mail, reading magazines or newspapers and driving. Then once the traditional media has been sent out, online technologies allow for tracking and reporting which allow the advertising company to see the results of their campaign and then to refine it.

Yes, there is such a thing as online advertising like online banners and pay-per-click campaigns, but the biggest impact of online advertising is in the tracking and reporting industries.

New technologies have allowed traditional advertisers to track the results, like leads and conversions, that directly result from the traditional advertising. One common method is to put a 1-800 number on the advertising. Then, the agency automatically re-routes the 1-800 number to go to the actual business's number. This way, the agency can track the number of calls that the business gets from the traditional advertising. But even more importantly, by putting a different 1-800 number on each form of advertising, the ad agency can track the number of calls that come from each source of advertising. For example, in a given month, the ad agency can determine that 87 calls came from a 1-800 number from an ad in the newspaper while 55 calls came from the billboard's1-800 number. Furthermore, the ad agency can determine that the billboard in Pennsylvania(PA) had more calls that the billboard in New York (NY). Besides 1-800 tracking systems, there are other tracking and reporting systems including ones that can determine what a person searches on the Internet, how long the person is on each individual web page and even where that person is from.

And BOC Partners, of course, offers these tracking and reporting services. Just look at one their web pages []

BOC Partners uses tracking and reporting systems in order to cover every form of advertising. The professionals at BOC Partners can incorporate the 1-800 number system into their advertisements on both online web banners and onto their billboards and print ads. They offer services which would allow them to track the number of consumers who view a website or a web page. Furthermore, BOC Partners also offers services which build databases of potential customers through the use of various call to actions like online questionnaires and certificates. BOC Partners is the go to ad agency for all advertising needs.

Welcome to BOC Partners, Inc. We're a unique advertising agency that specializes in both traditional media and online marketing. We have been around for 25 years and our focus is on building traffic, be it showroom traffic, phone traffic, or online traffic. We not only practice the art of traffic building, but also the art of increasing conversions while focusing on quality. Located right in the middle of New York City and Philadelphia, we are sitting in two of the top markets in the country, but our great ideas and tracking techniques will work anywhere. To see our work and learn more about us, please visit our website at

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