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Baltimore, Maryland (PressExposure) September 29, 2009 -- Not long ago, PDA Marketing introduced Doodleopes copy enhancements to the marketing world, making a huge splash in the world of conventional, boring sales letters and direct mail. Now, the original Doodleopes set is getting a few additions to further transform sales copy from wah wah wah to WOW! Founder Andrea Ratajczak has drawn onomatopoeia doodles to contribute to what was already becoming a popular and creative way to catch a customer's attention.

For those unfamiliar with the product Doodleopes, Doodleopes are simple eye-catching hand-drawn doodles and a handwritten font that adds a human touch to any marketing messages. All you have to know how to do is to copy and paste, drag and drop the doodles into your Word document. It takes very little time and your marketing copy is instantly transformed. In addition to being an attention grabber, Doodleopes help draw the reader's eye to the most important information in the sales copy.

Adding graphic elements to written copy is always beneficial. Doodleopes copy enhancements offer a large selection of words, accent elements like arrows, underlines, stars, ticking clocks etc. Creativity and originality, the keys to getting copy read. Doodleopes is about breaking up the monotony of your copy and giving your sales message the readership it deserves.

The recipe for creating effective sales copy is complicated. From drawing the potential customer in to convincing them you have something they want or need, sales copy can help with that, wonderful (kerching). Your copy needs to be concise yet persuasive and easy to read, not to mention fun and interesting. Even after you spend so much time perfecting your sales letter or other sales copy, the reader will never even process most of the words as they go mind numb.

Even if your letter is online or not being received through the mail, first impressions are made in less than a second - you want the most important, persuasive words to (pop) out immediately.

So, you're asking, "How do I do this?" You can do the obvious... bolding, italicizing, changing the color of the wording or even the font. (This is ok but it is like copy designing/writing 101 and basically over used). No, your copy needs as much interactivity as possible so your reader can get involved in the process.

Let's digress. Remember when we were kids and were just learning to process all those words on the page. The words and pictures actually reached out to you. The world was new and exciting as sounds melded with words and we began to READ. At the grass roots level of reading we understood "BAM," "POW," or "tick tick tick". Now as adults this age-old tool speaks to us in a very special way. When your reader reads these graphically enhanced word-sounds, they can hear the word in their head and have a double sensory impact and more (sizzle).

Doodleopes with the additional onomatopoeia words can help you reach your audience at a deeper level. When the recipient reads "tick tick tick," they will instantly know they need to respond immediately. Take advantage of a potential customer, and make sure you make it obvious what is most important about your product or service!

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