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Oceanside, CA (PressExposure) May 05, 2011 -- Jimmy, an ardent hydroponics plant grower has thrilled, for he has just learnt that it is possible to substantially increase his plant yield and simultaneously grow flowers as well! The secret of this is a newly discovered Bud Ignitor, a way of providing plants with a specially set up forms of potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, and other accompanying factors over the initial two week period of the cultivation phase.

If the above mentioned new way of plant nutrition supply is used, it has been proven that plants will optimize each flower stem as they process the internal production system of metabolism. As a result, practically 70% to 100% of the plants' stem nodes will be ripe for igniting the flowering points. Plant growers like Jimmy can now experience a substantial yield in flower growth, and as the blooming period mature, the floral growth will continue to become denser and spread out!

It may be noted here that while the new Bud Ignitor, not only spurs enormous flower growth, but the plants themselves procreate an optimum number of flower budding points! This is truly beneficial, for it allows for a more efficient use of the plant grow room, saves cultivation and maintenance time, and optimizes harvests!

The proof is in the numbers. With maximum budding sites and optimum flowering you get more efficient use of your grow room and more finished crops per year.

There are some important factors that plant growers should know about supplying nutrients to their harvests. Firstly, a lot of fertilizers are insufficient in potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous supplies. These are fed either in much larger quantities, or too late into the cultivation cycle. It has been realized from scientific testing, that supplying these nutrients to plant roots in appropriate quantities, and especially so during the initial bloom phase sets the right conditions for a good harvest. Failing to do so, especially, after the initial two weeks have passed, creates a critical deficit in cultivation, limiting the procreation of flower budding sites.

It may be worthwhile to understand the internal plant cultivation process a little better! If plants get their required quantity of potassium and phosphorous earlier on, they store these in extra floral structures and other tissues, while also signaling their roots to create and store extra cytokinins.

Your plants are smart. They bank their early cache of potassium and phosphorus in extra floral structures and other tissues. They also instruct their roots to make and bank extra cytokinins (hormones) that instigate floral growth throughout the growth phase. This implies that plants preserve extra nutrients to leverage in order to produce the optimim number of floral structures.

The Bud Ignitor helps precisely with this particular process. It helps to create the excess nutrient reserves of potassium and phosphorous that directly supply the necessary oils and fragrance compounds as the flower buds are growing to bloom. With this information, any plant grower can be assured that using the Bud Ignitor during the first two weeks of plant cultivation will serve to optimize a plants flower budding sites, adding much value and beauty to your harvest!

On a final note, it may be mentioned that to enhance the profitability of a harvest, growers can use the Bud Ignitor with a series of other products like Big Bud, Bug Candy, and Overdrive. The main point to bear in mind though is that these products must be used immediately at the start of a harvest, in order to get the desired results!

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