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Los Gatos, CA (PressExposure) March 07, 2011 -- Do you feel safe in your bedroom? Most of us do. It's a comforting feeling when you snuggle into your bed after a long day and prepare yourself for sleep. But what if I told you the place you feel safest is actually extremely detrimental to your health? In fact, you are exposed to a greater amount of chemicals on a daily basis, the majority of which are pollutants from within your home, than most of us realize. Forget nuclear waste and smog; beware of your toxic mattress.

In 1901, only 1 in 8000 people were ever diagnosed to have cancer. Today, it's 1 in 3! It's no wonder when you realize that only 2 percent of the 100,000 chemicals used in commercial manufacturing of products have ever been tested for carcinogens or toxicity. For example, a traditional mattress, the type most people sleep on every night are made from enough chemicals to fill a 50 gallon barrel! Things like pesticides, hydrogen cyanide, boric acid, volatile organic compounds (Not the good organic), formaldehyde, and chlorine. This is truly scary stuff! So what can you do to prevent this?

Here are 4 serious factors to consider before you buy another traditional mattress.

1. All mattresses are made up of 3 standard layers. These layers consist of the mattress covering (what we come in close contact with), the padding that sits beneath the covering and the supporting core of the mattress. In a traditional mattress however, each of these layers plays host to a myriad of the dangerous chemicals mentioned above.

2. Traditional mattresses are NOT biodegradable. Moreover, they are the largest producer of any air born carcinogens in the United States. This means they are extremely bad for the environment and your home.

3. The FCC passed a safety measure that required mattress manufacturers to extend the time it takes for a mattress to burn if caught on fire. Sound safer right? A closer look reveals that the fire retardant used to meet this "safety standards" releases deadly levels of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide when they burn.

4. There is no regulatory agency or safety commission policing the products made for home use so mattress manufacturers, without a social conscious, can use whatever chemicals they want in the manufacturing process.

You can avoid all these chemicals and dramatically reduce the exposure in your bedroom simply by purchasing a 100% Organic Mattress in the San Francisco Bay area.

1. Each of the 3 standard layers of a truly 100% pure organic mattress is free from any and all chemicals. They are made in a certified organic manufacturing plant with certified organic cotton and certified organic wool.

2. Organic mattresses are 100% biodegradable. Because they are made naturally and don't contain any chemicals they don't produce any carcinogens when they break down. Moreover, they will last 20 years or more before they need replacing so the investment is definitely worth it.

3. 100% pure organic mattresses use certified organic wool as a fire retardant instead of things like boric acid that produce lethal amounts of toxic emissions when burned. In addition, wool is a natural fire retardant that not only meets but exceeds the safety standards required by the FCC for burn time.

4. A truly organic mattress that can be found in the San Francisco Bay area is made by a manufacturer that has a facility that is third party certified to be using 100% organic practices as well materials such as 100% organic wool and 100% organic cotton that have also been third party certified.

Where in the San Francisco Bay area Can You Buy a 100% Pure Organic Mattress?

The kicker is that there is only 1 truly organic mattress manufacturer in all of North America that can say they produce a 100% pure organic mattress. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you can visit Urban Sleep Store located in beautiful Old Town Los Gatos, just 10 short minutes from downtown San Jose.

Urban Sleep Store is a Specialty and Organic Mattress retailer in the San Francisco Bay area who carries these 100% pure organic mattresses. They are not a traditional mattress chain store. They are family owned and operated and their goal is to educate consumers on the health benefits of specialty and organic mattresses. It's easy to see why they are quickly becoming THE destination for environmentally conscious consumers to test, compare, and learn about superior sleep products for improved health and well being.

Reduce the chemical exposure in your bedrooms and get an organic mattress in the San Francisco Bay area at Urban Sleep Store. Their address is 37 E. Main St. Los Gatos, CA. 95030. Don't worry, if don't live in the San Francisco Bay area they deliver nationwide.

You Contact Urban Sleep Store at 408-354-9700 or visit their website at

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