Otoscopy - The Health Check-Up For The Ear

Ny City, NY (PressExposure) July 28, 2011 -- Have you been experiencing pain in the ear? Do you feel a pinching or pricking sensation in your auditory canal? Chances are that you suffer from an ear infection. Here, docturs.com presents a medical discussion for your knowledge and benefit. Below is discussed, the otoscopy procedure which is used to examine the ear.

The ear is divided into three sections - specifically - the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The otoscopy procedure is performed to examine the external area of the ear. A medical device called the aurioscope is used to carry out the examination. The entire process takes only about 6 to 7 minutes, at most. The process is simple and painless. The patient will have to tilt their head to an appropriate angle to allow the healthcare expert to perform the examination.

On the docturs.com website, you will find expert authors and medical professionals discussing the subject at length. The platform is also open to members so that they can share information. In the article by Steven Clancy, you will find a detailed explanation about the procedure as well as the device, tools, and methods used. The otoscope is a thin, slender device with a handle and a head. It has a head and an electric light source which helps the physician to look at the affected areas. The infections of the middle ear, otitis media, and otitis externa are some of the ear diseases that can be detected with this method.

The medical videos on the website, posted by Steven Clancy are useful in providing visual information. In the video titled, "The Ear Examination", the procedure of otoscopy is explained with the process being carried out with a female patient. The various steps are shown here. First the physician views the external areas of the ear and then peers in with the help of the otoscope. The ear wax is cleared and basic treatment for infection can follow the inspection. The video also has the otoscopic visual images which give clarity on what can be seen in the ear. Such check-ups are performed when an individual suffers from some discomfort or has hearing problems. Nevertheless, you could always go through the procedure during a regular health checkup.

Members and regular users of docturs.com find it to be a useful platform since it is a medical vertical which offers information, medical products, news, etc so as to assist a healthy way of life.

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