Our Gas Tanks Are Full But We're Running On Empty

Howell, NJ (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- Gas prices are certainly better than they were when we were shelling out more than $4/gallon earlier this year and while most of us have no problem driving around now with a full tank of gas, some people’s spirits are operating on little more than fumes.

New unemployment numbers came out on 4/3/09 at 8.5% and if that wasn't enough to drain your spiritual tank another article followed it talking about an actual rate of 15.6% counting those that have taken part time jobs just to make ends meet or who have stopped looking. How can we fill ourselves up to power our engines to find a job, keep our job, raise our family and deal with the financial crunch most find themselves facing? Here's the first thing you do: Pull your mind over to the side of life's road and shift into neutral.

Karla Robertson, Founder and CEO of Shifting Gears® Business Coaching and Consulting in Howell, NJ is an Executive Leadership and Career Coach who serves clients nationwide. She guides them to keep their energy tanks fueled and their careers and businesses pumping on all pistons by challenging the way they think: “I read a quote recently that says: ‘When you change the way you see things, the things you see change,’” Karla states. She offers these 5 ways to apply that perspective:

1. Unemployment at 8.5%? Change the way you see that. It means that 91.5% are employed. You want to cling to the 15.6%? Okay, that means 84.4% are employed. Still a majority. 2. The Ladders.com reported in a Newsweek article that there will be over 3 million hires in the six figure category alone this year. (That’s not counting all the jobs under that figure and those who will start new businesses.) What are you waiting for? 3. Don’t think it’s a good idea to start a new business in this economy? During an MSNBC broadcast in March it was stated that 1/3 of the GDP that is being generated currently is by companies that were started during the last recession. 4. Fill your reservoir with something more than hope as a long term strategy: Think: What else can I do with what is? What haven’t I tried yet? 5. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on 4/6/09 that spoke to the fact that at a time when business leaders could decide to slash R&D spending, these companies think differently and instead are holding steady in their investment in innovation and research citing that they do not want to emerge from this recession behind the times.

Robertson further reminds people that this kind of thinking applies to those seeking jobs in this market. In her workshop series on job search, Robertson sets the groundwork by giving them the straight shot: “How you think will determine what happens next for you. If you think ‘there are no jobs for me out there’, you have just gone a long way to ensuring that will be the case for you.” Ms. Robertson encourages everyone to keep their tanks filled by resolving to shift out of a toxic mindset and change the way they see things. “There is opportunity in crisis and if you can redirect how you think about it, extraordinary results will emerge.” In her upcoming job search workshop series, “Fire Up Your Job Search Engine” starting on April 16, Ms. Robertson speaks about how to mentally prepare for your job search as well as share a systematic approach to interviewing, branding and more. For more information about Ms. Robertson’s coaching and workshop series go to [http://www.shiftinggears.biz/courses].

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