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For: Route Brokers, Inc.

In the third round of the NFL draft, he was the first pick. He was a 6’5”, 290 pound All-American defensive end, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. It was a heady day for Mitch Marrow. He saw his future as a star with the Carolina Panthers, his future secure, his affluence guaranteed.

He played for two years, suffering countless injuries. And then in his third year, a debilitating back injury sidelined him. A sports surgeon told him his career was over. He might want to go to law school. Football was no longer in his future. Mitch Marrow had gone from an exhilarating high to a depressing low.

But Mitch Marrow is a smart man, ambitious, energetic, and resourceful. His professional football career was over, so he would open doors to a new life. He took a breath, put on a Brooks Brothers suit and was soon working on the international trading desk of the prestigious Wall Street firm, UBS Warburg. He was so good at his job that he was as highly sought after as a trader as he had been as a defensive end. He was lured to Jacksonville, Florida by a high-powered hedge fund. After two years, his reputation was becoming that of a financial star; he was lured back to New York by another major hedge fund, where he became head of equity trading. The money was blowing in as if driven by hurricane winds. Not yet 30 years old, Mitch Marrow was on his way to becoming a master of the universe. Most young men would have killed to be Mitch Marrow, but Mitch Marrow was not happy. He didn’t like working for other people. He didn’t like not owning a business.

Mitch greatly admired his paternal grandfather, a Russian immigrant, who arrived at Ellis Island with only the clothes on his back and a few dollars in his pocket. Getting a small apartment in the Bronx, he got a job delivering milk for a local dairy. Five years later, he established his own dairy, selling his own brand of milk throughout the Bronx. The business grew and grew. When he was a young man, Mitch’s father took over the company; and as a teenager, Mitch worked there as well. By the time Mitch had graduated from college and was about to make his mark in the NFL, the dairy was sold to Tuscan Farms. If Mitch wanted to go into the food delivery business, he would have to look for new opportunities.

Through a family friend, he learned that there was an exclusive Boars Head route for sale from an unusual company named RouteBrokers.com. Most people do not know that delivery routes are for sale and that a brokerage, such as Route Brokers, even exists.

Mitch went to the RouteBrokers.com website and liked what he saw. The company had been in business for more than 25 years and had sold more than 2,500 delivery routes. He sent an e-mail to routes@routebrokers.com and within an hour received an invitation to meet with one of the company’s business consultants, Peter Scherer.

“We hit it off immediately,” said Peter. “Before we talked business, we talked sports: football, baseball, basketball. I thought Mitch was just a terrific guy. It’s not often I get to spend so much time talking with a client, but I thought Mitch’s story was fascinating.”

After talking sports, Peter discussed a variety of exclusive routes that he thought would be appropriate for Mitch. After much discussion, Mitch felt that a Boars Head route would suit him better than any other.

After reaching that decision, Peter introduced Mitch to Ken Sussman, the president of the company. Mitch wanted a new career, and Ken could open doors to a new world. Ken explained that buying a Boars Head route would be a lucrative career move: he would not only own an established business, but he could grow that business, dramatically increasing its value. In fact, every time a new customer is added, net profits increase as does the value of the route itself.

Ken explained all the requirements for purchasing a Boars Head route. He then arranged for Mitch to go out on the route. Mitch realized he had found his new dream, one that he was eager to turn into a reality. He, Route Brokers, and the seller put together the elements of a deal, but before it could be closed, Mitch had to be interviewed by a panel of Boars Head’s corporate officers. If he passed the interview, he would be accepted into an extensive training program in Sarasota, Florida. Ken had no doubt that Mitch would pass with flying colors.

“He was an ideal candidate for Boars Head,” said Ken.

Indeed, Mitch impressed the Boars Head executives and was readily accepted into its training program. Once he completed the program, he would be entitled to purchase an exclusive route, a route that would provide affluence and security. No back injury would sideline Mitch Marrow. The route he purchased had been in existence for more than 20 years. His purchase included three 16-foot Thermo King refrigeration trucks, exclusive accounts, and the lease of a 4,000 square foot warehouse. The route would comprise retailers in a 350 square mile area, from Kingston in Ulster County, New York north to Albany and west to Utica. Having an open, friendly personality, yet being intensely ambitious, Mitch was able to increase the number of customers by 50%.

“Though I would have loved a long career in the NFL, I love what I’m doing,” said Mitch. “Learning about Route Brokers opened a new chapter in my life. I’m building a business and feel that I’m operating in the tradition of my grandfather, whom I greatly admired. My wife helps me run the office and will continue to do so until she gives birth, which will happen in a few months. I look forward to each day. And I like to think that my grandfather would be pleased to see what I’m doing now. Buying a route was the best investment I ever made. I’m building equity in this business, so that I will be able to sell it at a profit sometime in the future or pass it on to my heirs. RouteBrokers.com was instrumental in helping me achieve success.”

RouteBrokers.com, the Tiffany brokerage of exclusive delivery routes, offering the most profitable and attractive routes in the United States, was able to guide Mitch into a previously undreamt of opportunity.

“We have the largest inventory of highly profitable delivery routes in the United States. These are not start-up businesses: ninety-five percent of the routes have been established and running successfully for five to thirty-five years, and each one is a turn-key operation.

“And with so many people out of work and searching for affluence, security, and the potential to grow a business, we have been overwhelmed with inquiries. And, you know, our routes come as close to being recession-proof as possible: all of our businesses deal with essentials that are unaffected by downturns in the economy. And because we’ve been in business for more than 25 years, our selection of routes can’t be matched anywhere, our relationships with parent companies is second to none, and we help our clients realize their goals. Whether we’re selling delivery routes such as Snapple, Boars Head, FedEx, Tropicana, Wise, Pepperidge Farm, or Arnold Bread among dozens of others, we’re turning dreams into realities. People who had suffered anxieties because they lost jobs and income can finally sleep at night, knowing that they will enjoy a steady flow of cash into their bank accounts. How many companies can promise that?”

For further information, please visit http://www.RouteBrokers.com

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