Over 1,000,000,000 Bad Ip's Blocked By Bot Revolt Botnet Protection Software

Boca Raton, Florida (PressExposure) February 24, 2012 -- Most people do not know that on a daily basis 1000's of illegal hackers steal valuable information from computers, and then sell the data to the highest bidders on underground websites

In fact on the website of the U.S Department of Defense, they estimate approximately 148,000 computers are infiltrated by bots every day. This staggering number is also growing as enter into 2012.

For those of you who do not know...Bots are described as "a virtual network operated by an attacker with the intention of implementing your computer for a resource for achieving his very own malicious ends."

Most of these illegal hackers that control botnets are looking for your banking information, personal information, log-ins, emails or any other data they can sell.

Most victims have no clue their information has been stolen or viewed because they cannot see or stop bots from accessing their computers.

This is where Bot Revolts botnet protection software comes in. By identifying all communication your computer makes the software is able to block "known bad" computers from accessing yours, and the other way around.

Depending on the lists you have it set up to use, you can block governments, corporations, machines known for sharing spyware, anti-p2p monitors, even entire countries!

An IP Address is like a phone number, or a home address, for your computer - when you connect to the Internet, your IP address is used to make that connection. If you go to "http://www.google.com", your laptop or computer first translates this to an IP address (e.g., then sends a request to that address for a web page; when the "http://www.google.com" computer receives this message, part of it contains your computer's IP address so that it knows how to send the web page back.

Botnet Protection is a type of program known as an "Internet Protocol Filter". It lives way down deep inside the networking code on your computer - the stuff in Windows that actually makes/receives network connections for you - and inspects everything that flows past it.

It looks at the IP address this network "packet" is coming from, and compares it against a list of "bad" ip-addresses; if it finds a match, it doesn't let that network packet make it through to the rest of your computer. It also looks at the IP address your network packets are going to, and does the same thing.

To date the list of blocked IP ranges has hit 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)This database continues to grow and benefit users. It does not matter if you have a firewall or not; new threats continuously are created to pass through your protection. Bot Revolt blocks communication with these threats before they reach your hardware.

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