Overcoming Panic Attacks

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If it is possible at the time of an attack, take a walk or do something physical. Depending on the severity of the attack, you might want someone to accompany you if you leave your home. Keeping up a daily exercise routine will help to prevent future panic attacks as well. Don’t exacerbate your feelings of anxiety by drinking alcohol or taking in caffeine. Indulging in a glass of wine might seem to calm your anxiety at first, but once your brain begins to experience the withdrawal from the alcohol, your feelings of panic may very well increase.

There are a few ways to overcome feelings of anxiety quickly and sometimes these methods can prevent a full-scale panic attack. When you begin to feel anxious, look up at the ceiling. Research shows that our feelings are exaggerated when we physically look down. Slow your breathing by exhaling completely. Most people raise their shoulders when they are tense. Concentrate on lowering your shoulders to release the tension. If you feel your anxiety level increasing, run or dance for a few moments. Physical activity can prevent panic attacks from getting out of control. As difficult as it is sometimes, try to smile through the anxiety and think on happier thoughts.

Some people experience panic attacks only at home, but others may be in a public place when the onset of an attack occurs. If you are in public when the attack is building or hits you full force, the worst thing to do is to get into your car and drive in order to escape. Find a quiet corner or area (sometimes the bathroom works great), and lean against a wall or pole and try to calm yourself.

Overcoming panic attacks [http://panic-attack.netezines.net] is within your reach. Remind yourself that you are not alone and that the panic attack will pass. Try to focus outwardly, on things around you, such as sounds outside, a favorite picture of a loved one, your children, a dear friend, or your spouse. Breathe slowly at the same time and speak, either audibly or in your mind, calming messages to yourself. Continue to remind yourself that this too will pass and that eventually, you’ll be able to conquer your fear!

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Anxiety Panic Attack

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