Overweight Kids Face a Lifetime of Poor Health, Parents Seek Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Hereford, Herefordshire United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 25, 2011 -- The reasons behind this rapid rise in obesity rates are complex, but many agree that one of the causes is the abundance of high-calorie, low-nutrient food widely available in the western world. Another reason cited is the lack of physical exercise in modern society. Still another is the lack of sound nutritional information available to parents and children. As the incidence of being overweight and obese rise, there has been a growing market for dieting plans and products, mainly targeting adults. Many of these promise quick weight loss, but most experts agree that the majority of these plans are unsustainable and actually end up causing an eventual weight gain. Diet plans to lose weight fast are heavily advertised and remain popular, as people seek quick results. Most are restrictive and deprive the body of vital nutrients. They also are unsatisfying and difficult to maintain. After a month or so of sticking to a fad diet, most people simply cannot sustain this type of eating, revert to previous eating habits, and regain most or all of the weight they lost. Thus, the yo-yo dieting cycle of deprivation and eventual over consumption starts.

Another form of fad dieting promotes foods that burn belly fat. In reality, there are no specific foods that target specific areas of fat on the body, though some foods do promote general fat loss very well. This, along with the diet plans to lose weight fast, are usually doomed to failure. The frightening rise in childhood obesity rates should never be addressed using fad diets. Children need abundant nutrition, and many of the fad diets rule out foods that have the essential nutrients children require for their growth and development. It is truly the responsibility of parents to look beyond advertising and gimmicks and gain a thorough knowledge of what excellent nutrition really is. Although schools and communities must also play a role in preventing childhood and adolescent obesity, the eating and exercising habits required to maintain a healthy weight begin early in life and at home. Easy ways to lose weight rely on excellent nutrition, low-calorie foods and adequate daily exercise. The weight comes off slowly but stays off as new healthy habits are firmly established.

Parents need to set the example, serving only nutritious foods. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fish, along with wholesome dairy products are the basis of good nutrition. Children fed only natural, unrefined and not over processed foods develop a life-long taste for these foods. Sodas, fried foods, packaged snacks and sugary desserts are examples of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that contribute to weight gain and should be avoided. Along with good nutrition, routine physical activity burns calories and makes it easy to maintain a healthy weight. These are the foundation of easy ways to lose weight.

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