PUREti - Organo-Titanates for Industrial Metal Coatings

Mumbai, India (PressExposure) January 23, 2012 -- PUREti, manufactured by Polygel Specialties from India is a leading range of additives for high performance industrial metal coatings. Polygel is commited to provide producers and developers of industrial coatings with a complete range of high quality products, cutting edge technology, good service and competitive prices. Polygel offers the most comprehensive product range of environmentally friendly titanates adhesion promoters and cross-linkers to the global coatings industry.

PUREti Titanates strongly improve adhesion to metallic substrates through covalent bonding, crosslinking the functional groups of a wide variety of resin binders and acting as coupling agent for pigments and fillers. This allows formulators to develop coatings for a wide variety of binder systems that have the necessary adhesion and anti-corrosive properties to withstand the toughest requirements of today's general industrial, chemical and transport industries.

For ambient cure coatings heat ressistance can be improved to withstand temperatures of 250⁰C (500⁰F). For baked coatings the PUREti productswill both engage in additional cross linking and also have a catalyzing effect on the cross-linking of the resin. Resulting in coatings that can resist temperatures of up to 650⁰C(1200⁰F).

PUREti Organo-Titanates are particularly suitable for improving the properties of coatings with silicone based blinders, due to the synergistic chemistry of titanates and silicones.

PUREti TM Catalysts for the Esterification, Transesterification and Acrylate Production.

PUREti TM, manufactured by Polygel Specialties from India, is the leading range of Organo-Titanate based catalysts. Polygel is committed to providing the chemical industry with a complete range of high quality catalysts, good service and competitive prices. Our catalysts are supplied to the world's Manufacturers of:

Acrylates and Methacrylates PUREti TM titanates increase alcohol conversion and avoid undesirable side products.

Plasticizers such as DOP, DINP, DIDP, DOA, DINA, To. PUREti TM titanates can increase production of phthalates, adipates and trimellitates by up to 50% vs conventional acid systems.

Compared with Tin and acid-based catalysts, The PUREti TM range of products offers cost and Environmental benefits resulting from: Low cycle time.

Low odor and low color due to more selective reactions.

Easy removal of catalysts through hydrolysis and lower filtration time

Easy recycling of excessive ester or alcohol

No heavy metals + omission of product washing very low COD to production effluent.

Increased thermal stability.

Adhesion Promoters PUREti for printing Inks

Polygel PUREti adhesion promoters are the most critical ingredients in liquid packaging flexo and gravure printing inks. These are also called organic titanates as well.

Organic titanates have historically been used in printing inks as an additive to enhance the adhesion as well as an overall performance of an ink printed on the substrate for variety of packaging applications but more specifically for flexible packaging market segment.

Any ink formulator can formulate printing ink that can adhere well on any difficult flexible film substrates using variety of performance enhancing resin chemistries such as Polyurethane, Polyamides, Vinyls, Polyvinyl Butyral, Acrylic etc., however when it comes to making an ink formula more versatile or rather a universal for adhering on to a gamut of substrates, Polygel PUREti organic titanates come to rescue and become the only additives of choice for an ink formulator.

They are quite beneficial specifically in the printing inks based on cellulosic resins e.g. Nitrocellulose as pigment grinding resin let down with other supporting resins having OH and COOH functionality on it.

These functional groups are very essential for organic titanates to do their job efficiently which is to promote an ink adhesion on to printed substrates. They not only improve the adhesion but also improve the adhesion but also improve heat resistance properties of printed ink such as rub, scratch, grease, moisture and in general improve the overall performance of the printed package.

Although, these titanates do improve above mentioned properties, some flexible films do require surface modification by corona, flame or plasma treatment in order to generate reactive functional groups (-OH, -COOH), so these titanate chelates can perform effective bridging between film and resin. Typical such adhesion mechanism is shown below.

About Polygel India

Polygel Industries Private Limited, a 150 crore conglomerate made a humble beginning in 1996, as a result of a shortage of cable gels in India. Responding to the market need, the Company emerged as a market leader in India and Asia in a short span of 5 years. With over 40 speciality chemicals to offer including an array of Organic Titanates (Organometallic Compounds), Adhesives & Sealants, Construction Chemicals and Coatings for vital industries like Infrastructure & Building, Automotive & Engineering, Furniture & Joinery, Footwear & Furnishing and various Chemical businesses.

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