Online Children's Drawing Albums For Mother's Day

New York, (PressExposure) April 27, 2009 -- Mother's day is approaching, and children are expected to show their love and gratitude. What could be more delightful for a mother than getting an online album and presentation of her child's paintings?

Paintik ([]), is the world's first and only online children's paintings albums, where parents can upload, preserve, and share their child's drawings, and it's totally FREE!

"Especially in light of today's economic climate, we believe that personal, creative gifts are the perfect present for mothers, as was the whole idea behind Mother's Day when it was founded a century ago. Mothers adore creative creations made by their little ones and can now preserve and enjoy them for many years ahead" says Yafit Rossen, Paintik's co-founder and CEO, and a mother of two.

Paintik's focal point is children's artwork such as drawings, paintings, and images of other crafts. With Paintik's new service, parents no longer have to suffice with hanging their children's paintings on the refrigerator door: They can now create online albums for their child's paintings, preserve and share these precious artwork with family and friends, and track the evolution of their child's painting skills over time.

Another value-added service, offered for the first time online, is the painting review. Through this unique service, Paintik offers parents the ability to learn what their child's paintings reveal. This enables a better understanding of their child's personality, attitudes and actions. There is a consensus that expression through art is a unique personal statement that contains conscious and unconscious meanings that can represent different aspects of a child. Children's drawings reflect their view of the world and themselves within it. Paintik makes this gratifying and effective tool available to any parent who wishes to gain insights of their child's inner world.

Paintik allows parents to enjoy multiple value-added services: * Preserve: Upload and organize your child's paintings * Share: Display the child's paintings and share them with family and friends via eCards * Gain Insight: Receiving a review of the child's paintings enables a more profound understanding of the child's feeling, thoughts, life experiences, talents, etc. * Enjoy Children's Art: Exploring the vivid and naive world of our children while touring the Paintik Gallery, viewing other kids' wondrous drawings and artwork.

About Paintik: A privately owned start-up with a vision to create a thriving community for families around children's art. Paintik was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs and parents of 2 young boys - Yafit Rossen, with strong analyst background and a wealth of studies in interpreting children's art, and Oren Rossen, a veteran technologist and internet entrepreneur. Paintik enables parents to create online albums of their children's paintings and receive a review of their child's drawings.

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