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Madison, Illinois (PressExposure) February 03, 2012 -- Are you looking for storage for your warehouse? Have your pallet skids set up on the floor around your building and now your business is picking up and your skids are three and four deep? Does this sound familiar: the one pallet skid you need now is up against the wall behind three or four pallets? Now those three or four pallets have to be moved to so you can get to that one pallet to ship it out? There has to be a way to resolve all this shuffling, right? Good news? There is a solution and MW Rack Manufacturing has it.

Invest in some pallet racks shelving. Your company can buy these racks for your warehouse and then you will be able to put your skids upon these shelves. These warehouse racks can be custom made to any height and width so you will have the perfect storage area, no matter how large or how small your warehouse. They will also be perfect for your forklift to fit down the aisles and place the skids on the shelves. With the new pallet racks shelving, you can work smarter instead of harder.

These warehouse racks will be a boon to your organization and will ease the stress of your storage worries. You can purchase just about any style you are looking for, whether you are storing pallets of boxes or pallets of motorcycles. The racks are completely adjustable to any height you need.

Plus, having these warehouse racks will make your workplace a safer and much more organized environment for you and your employees and remember the old adage: a safe work area is a happy work area. With a much more organized warehouse, there will be fewer workplace accidents and injuries. The pallet racks will pay for themselves with that alone.

You don't think your company can afford the pallet rack shelving? No worries. has used pallet racks for sale as well. Worried you can't afford them? You can't afford not to buy them. We have many different styles for you purchase. We have cantilever racks, drive-thru racks and we have racks that have wire mesh decking so there will be no liquid building up on the shelves, rotting wood or ruining your product. We also carry an array of light duty shelving as well.

Contact today and get your pallet skids up off the floor and onto some new or used pallet racks. Our main customers that we sell racks to are: metal service centers, warehousing and distribution centers, lumber yards and retailers in carpets, vinyl, flooring, window coverings / blinds and home improvement centers. However, we are not limited to sell to only these companies. If you have a warehouse, a barn or even a large garage, we can suit you with the perfect pallet rack shelving system to meet your unique need.

MW Rack Manufacturing, located in Madison, Illinois, deals in new and used pallet rack shelving, light duty shelving, conveyor systems and other storage accessories. We not only sell used pallet racks, but we buy used pallet racks as well. We've been in business more thirty years.

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