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New York, New York United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 25, 2007 -- There are generally 2 different panic attack treatments [] available. These options include a medication approach and a therapeutic approach.

First, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages associated with a medication approach to treating panic and anxiety. Although this approach was commonly used in the past as a way of treating the symptoms associated with panic and anxiety, researchers are now finding that medication does not work as well as they once thought. First, individuals who use medication as a way to treat panic and anxiety are likely to experience disturbing side effects.

In addition, it should be understood that that you are likely to see a return of anxiety and panic symptoms after you stop using the medication. This means that the medication does not actually cure your panic and anxiety; it is only a temporary solution.

Therapeutic options, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy requires an investment of more time and dedication than a medication approach. In fact, you may need to dedicate quite a bit of time to making this treatment option really work; however, studies have shown that this approach is far more successful than medication, produces no side effects and produces results that are longer lasting. The lack of side effects means that individuals who opt for therapy over medication are able to get on with their lives sooner and enjoy activities and parts of life that are meaningful to them.

Cognitive behavior therapy involves restructuring your thoughts and exposing yourself to the symptoms that result from your panic in order to overcome the issues related to your anxiety and panic. It should be understood that this approach is not easy; however , it does help you to build your confidence along with getting past those triggers that have resulted in the panic and anxiety that have ruled your life for so long. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, involves a four step process. These steps include:

* Learning what causes your panic attacks

* Learning how to breathe correctly in order to reduce panic and anxiety

* Learning how to address your anxiety and panic thoughts

* Utilizing your new skills in low-panic and anxiety situations and then gradually increasing to higher panic and anxiety situations for recovery

The key to this treatment is understanding your body’s natural capacity for stopping anxiety and panic. While anxiety and panic attacks can seem to go on forever when you are in the midst of one, in reality they can’t last forever and your body contains a natural mechanism for stopping them [].

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