Panther Ridge Animal Communication Workshop Reveals Big Cat's True Nature

Wellington, FL (PressExposure) July 16, 2009 -- A dozen lucky participants had the opportunity of a lifetime - a rare opportunity to interact with the "big cats" of Panther Ridge Conservation Center with Animal Intuitive Kumari. The mid-June two-day workshop raised $1200 for the financially-troubled center, while bringing the plight, and the feelings, of these exotic animals to light.

The biggest breakthrough came by way of a 16-year-old clouded leopard named Mattie, whose recent needy behavior was troubling Panther Ridge founder Judy Berens.

Mattie ran over to the fence to greet us immediately and Kumari received a clear message from Mattie to Judy right away: "Love me, love me, love me." "She looked like a kitten desperately wanting to play," noted the animal intuitive.

"It seemed like she was very lonely, and I asked if she wanted a mate. No, she wanted Judy!"

Judy said she and Mattie were very close. Judy was feeling badly that lately she hadn't been giving Mattie enough attention. Mattie would respond by biting her ankles as she tried to walk around or leave - a behavior that Judy was interpreting as anger.

Kumari noted that Mattie wasn't angry; she was attempting to grab Judy and keep her there longer. "Kumari began by reframing emotions to see the situation from both the cat's and Judy's perspectives. Because Judy felt guilty that her duties running the center kept her from giving Mattie as much attention as she wanted, she assumed Mattie's behavior was coming from anger.

Kumari talked about how Judy could send love, rather than worry or guilt, whenever she thought of Mattie or walked by her pen.

"Love, love, love", says everything is okay, she said, explaining that when we shift our energy, our intentions and thoughts, the animals will feel it and respond accordingly. Consciously sending love fills the long hours of physical separation.

Judy began sending love instead of guilt and sadness at not being able to play more. All watched as Mattie shifted too.

"When I felt that Mattie was calmer, I asked Judy to begin to stand up and move slowly toward the gate, sending 'love, love, love.' Mattie came toward Judy, but not with the same gusto. She grabbed at Judy's legs with her paws, but didn't bite, and I asked Judy to stand still, and again beam love. Mattie instantly rolled over on her back, and let go of her legs.

"This is habit too," I commented. "She is used to chasing your legs when you head out."

Mattie was acting out of habit, not anger. This new understanding changed Judy's entire emotional response.

Kumari instructed Judy to "Send more love, and wait." Mattie slowly got up and calmly retreated to the back of her cage.

"Now, begin to walk toward the gate without changing your energy." Judy did this beautifully. As she closed the gate, Mattie just watched serenely from a distance.

"In this space of love," Kumari mused, "there is no leaving."

About Kumari Healing

Kumari Mullin is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Attorney, Counselor and Animal Communicator. She has been practicing and teaching intuitive and energy healing with animals and humans since 1991. For the past 20 years she studied and lived with internationally acclaimed Meditation Masters, Reiki Masters and healers and also with interspecies telepathic communication pioneer Penelope Smith. Kumari began riding at age 8, and her first love was an ex-race horse named Happy. Her passion for unveiling the deeply spiritual connection between humans and animals evokes the mystical from the mundane. Her clients and students include doctors, veterinarians, trainers, holistic practitioners, rescue organizations and zoos.

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