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New York City, NY (PressExposure) July 22, 2011 -- Pap smear tests are the screening tests for cervical cancer or the cancer of cervix. Every woman should get regular smear tests to live a safe and alert life. offers detailed information on Pap smear tests, its causes, symptoms and treatment.

The cervix is the part of the uterus (womb) and there may be abnormal growth of cells in the lining of the uterus. These cells may be cancerous or non-cancerous. The Pap test is done to check for cancer signs in the cervix. The procedure for Pap test includes the insertion of a special instrument known as speculum into the vaginal opening. It is basically used for opening the vagina wide so that the doctor can examine the cervix properly. The cervix will be cleaned with a cotton swab and the cell sample is collected with a brush and a spatula or a cotton swab. This sample is then taken on a glass slide for microscopic examination.

This examination includes checking the cell from cervix - whether they have signs of changing to abnormal cells from normal cells. The cell undergoes a series of change before turning cancerous and this test can show whether the cells are actually undergoing a change, before they actually become cancerous. If there is early detection, cervical cancer becomes very much treatable and does not remain life threatening anymore. This speaks of the importance of having regular pap tests done - it is also spread by online healthcare experts.

The Pap smear results, if normal, means that the cells in the cervix are normal and healthy. Abnormal results do not mean that one is suffering from cervical cancer; it only means that there is a change in the cells of the cervix. There may also be an experience of inflammation or irritation. This could be due to cervical yeast infection or HPV or herpes infection. These changes in the cells are called cervical dysplasia and these changes may be precancerous.

One should be aware of all the risk factors for cervical cancer like starting sexual activity in early age, having multiple sex partners, transmission of STI (sexually transmitted infection) by sex and smoking. STIs can make the body cells undergo changes that lead to cancer. It includes gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes and HPV and it can cause genital warts; these all can be associated with the changes in cells.

Craig Anderson at Docturs talks in detail about the other important facts of Papanicolaou or Pap smear test. One should be aware of the preventive measures like delaying sexual intercourse, limited sex partners and checked for infection, use of condoms and quitting smoking can help in reducing the risk. is medical vertical offering detailed information on every medical ailment for a safe and healthy life.

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