Paragard - An Innovative and Useful Birth Control Measure

Surrey, Canada (PressExposure) January 19, 2012 -- Paragard is a popular birth control device which needs to be placed by an expert healthcare professional. Made up of flexible plastic and covered with copper, this intrauterine device is absolutely hormone free and does not change your natural menstrual cycle.

Paragard [] releases small amount of copper which usually acts as a spermicide. The best thing about it is that you can use the device continuously for over a period of 10 years or so; as a measure to stop unwanted pregnancy.

As per health care professionals, copper is an important mineral which is naturally present in the human system and is also found in foods like whole grains, nuts, green vegetables and shellfish etc. Now the total amount of the copper that the Paragard device releases each day is quite less than the amount contained in an average daily diet. Additionally, the copper found in the intrauterine device does not even increase the total level of the copper already present in one's own body.

The Paragard IUD helps in avoiding the sperm from joining egg. It is even believed that the IUD can cause changes in the uterus lining so as to minimize probability of the implantation. The device provides pregnancy prevention right away from the time it is placed. The major advantages of the intrauterine device are as follows:

1. The device can well be used while breast feeding.

2. It is almost hassle free and is convenient in use as well. Once inserted you do not require to do anything.

3. It proves easy on your pocket as a reversible, long term method available for contraception.

4. The device can provide pregnancy prevention for about 10 years and can be easily removed at any point of time within the 10 year time frame.

5. IUD is a private measure of birth control. No one will know that you are actually using it. Even there remains no such evidence or packaging of usage that can bring about some sort of discomfit for some woman.

6. Reports also suggest that the use of IUDs can even improve the sex life of the woman thereby providing more spontaneity.

7. The use of intrauterine device is common as emergency contraception.

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