Paranormal Investigation at Mosborough Hall, Sheffield, with Simply Ghost Nights

Yorkshire, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 30, 2011 -- Simply Ghost Nights have done it again, yet another exclusive as we are proud to be holding, a paranormal spectacular Halloween special at Mosborough Hall, on Sunday 30th of October.

Mosborough Hall is a luxurious hotel and there are rooms available if you decide to stay the night and have breakfast along with the team the following morning please follow link below for booking a room.

Mosborough Hall was an ancient Manor House, the earliest parts of which date back to medieval times. It survives today as Mosborough Hall Hotel and still retains its stately charm behind a somewhat foreboding exterior appearance. Partly hidden by tall, stark trees, an air of mystery is enhanced by a high stone wall which hides the intimacies of the Hall from passers-by using the quiet Hallow Lane. There was a doorway through the wall, which was used by servants when they collected milk or eggs from the farm opposite.

Many tales were told of strange noises and voices heard around this doorway, sufficient enough to raise a prickle on the back of the neck when walking past in the dim light of a fading evening. As with many of our other locations part of the Hall's history can also be traced to royalty. Henry VIII, having tired of his pregnant mistress Mary Boleyn and desiring to marry Anne Boleyn, arranged Mary's marriage to William Carey of Mosborough Hall, where his son Henry was born. Elizabeth I later conferred a Barents upon him when he became Baron Hunsden.

We are very excited to be allowed access to most areas as the activity is reported in many parts of the old 12th Century Building. In fact on our visit recently we were told the ladies toilets is one of the most active parts in the whole building. There are many Ghost stories and reports from years gone by all of which are recorded and to give just a taste of some of the reports are .....

The White Lady of Mosborough Hall

which goes back to the late 1600`s. A governess at the Hall had flirted with the squire and found herself to be pregnant. He had promised her monies and a small cottage but had finally refused. When the girl's final threat to tell his wife led to her tragic death. He had visited her room on the pretext of keeping his promises and in one moment of desperation had slit the poor girl's throat.

The Tale of Dr Pilcher

He was a no-nonsense man and although he had heard tales about the hall, would not believe the stories, but something had to be done so he decided to sleep alone in that room. This did cause a stir and there was much talk and excitement, not only at the Hall but the word spread to the local pubs. Much speculation led to bets being laid he would not last the night in that room. at 7.00a.m. he was woken 'Cup of tea, Sir', said the Captain's Batman. With some relief Dr. Pilcher unlocked the door. 'Put it down on the packing case, thank you," said the Dr. The Batman marched in smartly enough - but instantly 'froze' on the spot.

'What's the matter, man?' asked the Doctor. 'It's your B-bed, S-sir', stammered the Batman. The Doctor looked 'What's the matt...?' His words soon failed him. He could not believe what he saw. The pillowcase and the sheets were stained and dripping with the unmistakable redness of human blood - a grisly pool was splattered over the bedclothes and glistened as it dripped onto the polished floor. All colour drained from the Doctor's face. Within a moment he was reduced to a shaking, whimpering wreck of a man. And legend claims he never stepped foot in the building again.

There are also many other ghost sightings including a Victorian dressed woman who has been seen many time all over the building, a child often seen on the stairs, a large black dog believed to belong to the white lady who died of a broken heart after she died, people have reported pebbles being thrown at them in a function room by unseen hands, clothes are grabbed, one woman was terrorised whilst she worked there as a spirit had taken a real dislike to her, and on many occasions the ladies toilets just refuse to open when pretty girls try to go to the toilet with no explanation.

Dare you join Simply Ghost Nights at this reputedly haunted location.

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