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Austin, TX (PressExposure) June 02, 2008 -- In law, Paternity is the legal acknowledgment of the parental relationship between a man and a child usually based on several factors. There are several legal concerns that cover the law of paternity, these includes the paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud is the act of falsely naming a man to be the biological father of a child, particularly for child support purposes, by the mother when she knows or suspects that he is not the biological father.

In some jurisdictions in some countries, there is limited opportunity to legally challenge the assumption of paternity. For example, by forbidding men to challenge paternity, especially in the context of marriage, by limiting the amount of time allowed to challenge paternity, or by allowing women to make a claim paternity without adequate chance for rebuttal by the alleged father. Visit the Austin paternity to learn more about this.

In cases of paternity fraud, there are many potential victims: the defrauded man, the child deprived of a relationship with his/her biological father, the biological father who is deprived of his relationship with his child. Subsidiary victims include the defrauded child's and the men's families. In particular, financial hardship may have resulted for the defrauded man's children and spouse in cases in which the man made child support payments for the unrelated child. Visit the Austin paternity for more information about this.

Children, among all, suffer when they discover that the man they thought was their biological father is proven not to be. Identity issues seriously affect a person's mental health. This was proven with a great deal of testimony before various governments' legislative committees by the people that were conceived by use of anonymous egg and sperm donors.

Child victims of paternity fraud are deprived of important major medical information that they would have if they had been raised and had an ongoing relationship with their biological father. For more information about issues that arise in paternity law, then visit the Austin paternity for mode details.

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