Patient With 10 Years Of Headaches, Was Amazed At Chiropractic After Her First Treatment At NW3chiropractic

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 02, 2009 -- A 32 year old patient reported a chronic headache with nausea, dizzy spells and arm pain all down her left side. She had seen neurologists, manipulative physiotherapists, masseurs, acupuncturists and GPs who had screened for potential red flags.

The headaches have persisted for 10 years intermittently; varying in intensity and frequency. The patient's left Scalene muscles were particularly tight, whilst she had 'swollen' Sternocleidomastoids bilaterally. Lower cervical vertebral restrictions were found on the right side; restricted in left rotation at C5,6,7 & C2.

Treatment included deep tissue Trigger Point Therapy, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) of Trapezei and Levator Scapulae followed by Chiropractic Adjustments (segment-specific vertebral manipulation).

Post treatment she was smiling without pain and stated that this must be why the GP had warned her that chiropractic was addictive. She wondered why GPs do not refer to chiropractors in the UK very often. Although some do, it was suggested that those who don't were less informed about chiropractors and their qualifications.

Chiropractors graduating from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, study a med-science style Bachelor of Science from either Sydney University or The University of New South Wales majoring in Anatomy and Physiology, before then continuing through a 2 year Master of Chiropractic Degree at Macquarie.

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