Paying Less, Getting More Out Of X5 Reverse Auctions

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- If you have been a faithful online shopper, you probably would have heard about reverse auction sites. Reverse auction sites are a great way to obtain quality items at a fraction of their original value. Gone are the days when online shoppers clamor for greater deals at obscure sites and are scammed out of their hard earned cash. With the reverse auction concept, there is no such thing as scams. You are guaranteed to pay much, MUCH less than what you are expecting to pay even before you have the intention of purchasing a particular item!

Right now, just about the hottest thing on the Internet is the X5 reverse auction [] site. With X5, eBay is deemed yesterday’s news and is set to take a back seat to the gigantic phenomenon that is the X5 reverse auction site.

At X5 reverse auction site, the highest bid is never the winning bid! It is through submission of the lowest unique bid that you are able to win big. You pay so little compared to what you potential gain to reap. All you have to do is to register yourself at [], create your own profile, top up your account with sufficient credits and bid away!

What strategies can you adopt to get more out of X5 reverse auctions? First you need to predict at what price you think this special auction will end. Place bids around the mark and cross your fingers that this will be THE lowest unique winning bid. And should you ever find yourself stumped, not knowing what amount or value to submit as the lowest unique bid [], just enter the lowest number that you can think of and click away! With any luck, your bid might just be the ONLY bid to have been entered in that auction!

Statistics show that two thirds of all bids are entered within the last 24 hours. You can stay up till the eleventh hour and enter your lowest unique bid! Also, in eBay, one increases their bids by the last minute, but in X5, all you have to do is to keep decreasing them until you see that magical unique bid in your mind! Bidding a mere $ 0.01 is certainly the lowest one can go but it won’t help you in acquiring the lowest unique bid possible! Unlike eBay where bid sniping is commonplace, here at X5 no one will know which lowest unique bid will win the auction! [] And how do you determine the lowest bid? Like the lottery, there is no telling which number will win. So either you pull some numbers out of a hat or bid based on numbers in your Siamese cat’s birth date, your wife’s vital statistics or even the last few numbers in your driving license and bid away!

Take a peak at X5’s reverse auction site, and you will find tons of useful items available in their extensive selection, all offered at just an amazingly small portion of their retail price. There’s also no chance on earth that you’ll be bidding on a crummy second hand item!

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