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Huntsville, TX (PressExposure) March 11, 2009 -- The prelaunch special is fantatic news for MLM Network Marketers. Right now during this prelaunch special, marketers can get in on the wonderful opportunity of being a Pearl founding member and share in a 2% Founders Bonus of what is being called the next billion dollar industry. That could be a huge downfall of revenue. That is exciting news for all MLM workers. First we will take a look at the founder, then the product and thirdly the compensation plan.


The founder of pearlcium is Dr. Rulin. She has a doctorate in physics. She became the largest producer and supplier of raw Noni in Hawaii, in just a year and a half.

She owns 2 companies, formulates and supplies top products to many network companies, supplies over 600 Walgreen stores. Supplies a doctor's line of products to health care professionals. She was already a multi millionaire before completing studies on Pearl Powder Signal Proteins and many believe she will receive The Nobel Peace Prize for her work on The Pearl Signal Proteins. Her home state is Hawaii. To hear Dr. Rulin speak visit: []

THE PRODUCT ( How it is different from other pearl powders)

The most unique nutritional supplement to come along in over 20 years.

Dr. Rulin has been able to extract the signal protein from the pearl, which she has worked on for years and is patent pending. The proteins send out messengers or signals and set out to regenerate or fix whatever problems the health of the individual may be experiencing.

Because of the signal protein, there is not another product on the market like it, and won't be for years, if ever.

Scientists have found something very intriguing and powerful in pearls that are found nowhere else on earth: the unique and anti-aging substances called "pearl signal proteins", and nobody on earth has it but "Pearlcium!" The pearl has the same constituents which are crucial components in human fluids, connective tissue and bones. They participate in building the structure of our cells; repairing our tissue; forming antibodies to protect us against invading bacteria, viruses, and developing cancer cells; helping slow down the aging process. The constituents also play an essential role in the function of our brain and nervous system, from aiding memory and sleep to allaying anxiety and depression, encourage the production of new stem cells, when needed . So Pearlcium is the "perfect product"!!! Scientists made an amazing discovery in 2004 , that DNA involved in the creation of the pearl is nearly identical to the part of the human DNA that is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body. In other words, we share a deep-rooted kinship with the pearl, right down to the DNA level

Research on life prolong effects: Reduces wrinkles, aging, sunspots and promotes radiant and youthful-looking skin Grow stronger bones by stimulating new bone growth and increasing bone density Strengthen the heart, promote a regular heart rhythm, and aid recovery from heart disease Promote healthy cholesterol levels Support healthy blood pressure Support healthy eye sight Improve memory and immune system Calm nervous system, reduce stress and promote restful sleep Improve children's IQ, school performance, and overall health Powerful antioxidant Pearlcium is a superior source of calcium and essential trace minerals Pearl and osteoporosis Pearl and Immune system and memory Pearl and eye sight

Benefits You Don't See (You may feel over time or Measure With Medical Tests) Improved blood flow...Improved bolld results...Improved bone density...Improved collagen & connective tissue...Organs longer


The Pearlcium compensation plan offers a uniquenes to its kind: For a limited time a founders opportunity to share in 2 % of the entire net proceeds of the company for life. Earn 60 % matching bonus overrides of anyone personally sponsored per month. A 3 by 9 forced matrix that pays 6 % on each level. A unilevel that pays by sponsorship. Fast start bonus pays up to 70 % down through 4 levels

So to conclude I hope this review has answered many of your questions about superior health care and the compensation plan of Pearlcium.

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