Pediatrician Releases New Book Warning Parents Of The Dangers Bed-Sharing

Silver Spring, Maryland (PressExposure) January 07, 2010 -- Dr. Louis I. Cooper, MD, announces the publication of his new book,"Dear Parents: When To Call The Doctor For Your Infant Or Toddler", a book that offers tips and advice for keeping your infant or toddler safe, happy and healthy. In the same calm, reassuring voice he's used with patients and their families during his over35 years of practice, Dr. Cooper wants to let new parents, who may not have any extended family around to give them childcare advice, know that they are not alone.

Happy Mom in New York says, “Dr. Cooper's book was a fabulous guide through those "scarier" parenting moments. The detailed scenarios he addresses are issues that really have come up many times over the years with our children, but now I have a better idea of when I should really be concerned and when I can rest assured that my kids are okay. Clear, concise and easy to navigate, this book is a must-have for both new and seasoned parents alike!”

Along with the publication of his new book, Dr. Cooper also wants to get the word out to parents about the dangers of sharing their bed with their infant and how it can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In an effort to get this information into the hands of parents everywhere, he offers a chapter of his book available in a free download at

Cooper says, “I am among those who discourage parents from sleeping in the same bed with their babies, or in other unsafe places like couches and chairs. As an introduction to my new book, I’m offering a special E-report: “How to Keep your Baby Sleeping Safely.” I describe some of the dangers your young children face while sleeping. I offer advice to new mothers about how to prevent strangulation and suffocation. And I give other tips so that you can keep your newborn healthy.”

Many new parents are confused and scared and aren't exactly sure when it's appropriate to call a doctor for their infant or toddler. Doctor Cooper wants to let those parents know that it's important for them to develop a good relationship with their pediatrician so they can feel comfortable calling him for situations like fevers and rashes. But for those times when you just need to know how to stop a nosebleed, or which thermometers and teething rings are dangerous, or what's the safest sleeping position for newborns, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more in “Dear Parents: When To Call The Doctor For Your Infant Or Toddler”.

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Dr. Louis I. Cooper practices in Montgomery County, MD. and has maintained his pediatric practice for more than 35 years. His recent book, "Dear Parents: When To Call The Doctor For Your Infant Or Toddler", is available by visiting

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