Peggy Llewellyn "No More Helmet Hair For Me"

Usa, (PressExposure) October 15, 2008 -- Americans have an addiction to speed. It’s a pervasive addiction that constantly needs feeding and glutinously permeates the American landscape. Speed is good, often the mother of invention and the driving force behind mans quest for immediate go faster gratification. Without the need for speed, our lives would certainly be less complete and devoid of genius creations like 8-minute abs, 6-second tans, instant mashed potatoes, high speed Internet, fast food and the good old piston driven muscle machines.

Webster’s dictionary states that speed is the “act of moving swiftly, a rate of motion, or the magnitude of velocity irrespective of direction”. Our lives are filled with speed speak. 50% faster, quickly, half the time, lickity split, real time, New York minute, pronto, instantly and a personal favorite; um now.

Technologically speaking, we have created a warp speed world where we have the pedal to the metal and as the instant overload of our “more please” nature can numb our brains, as we continue to gain momentum and regularly pass the roses by too quickly to grab a whiff. But in the midst of it all, right under our noses lives a new breed of velocity inspired individuals for whom life in the fast lane is more then just a metaphor.

One such individual is a beautiful intelligent, petite self-proclaimed “girly girl” that really, really likes to go fast. Her friends know her as Peg, but NHRA drag cycle fans know her as Peggy Llewellyn the “6 second wonder”. Following in her father’s footsteps, Ms. Llewellyn is a second-generation motorcycle drag racer. Her affinity for high speed blossomed at an early age when her father rocketed his nitro powered Honda down the drag strip and forged the legacy.

Peggy Llewellyn is at the top of her game in the world of high-speed drag cycles where excellence, speed and focus can define the difference between winning and losing and life and death. In her line of work, life and its luxuries take on new meaning. Peggy knows excellence and surrounds herself with the very best, whether it is people, technology, mechanics or personal beauty.

For those of us that go through life without a helmet, we know how difficult it can be to manage the condition of our hair. Ms. Llewellyn’s career compounds that difficulty and so Peggy relies on ProSilk professional styling tools and hair care products to keep her hair healthy and beautiful under extreme conditions. Her proud multicultural heritage has blessed her with naturally curly hair, but she regularly uses straightening irons and blow dryers as part of her beauty process.

"I was introduced to ProSilk products 8 months ago and in that time I have seen the condition of my hair improve greatly. I consider myself a beauty products junkie. I'm always looking for the product that will give me healthy, shiny and manageable hair. That is what the ProSilk product line has provided me. My bathroom isn't cluttered with different shampoos & conditioners anymore. All I need is my ProSilk shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and silk serum. The leave-in conditioner comes in handy because as a professioanl drag racer in the Prostock Motorcycle division of NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) going 190+mph my hair gets whipped around alot. The leave-in conditioner minimizes the tangles and prevents breakage.

I'm also a HUGE FAN of the ProSilk Ceramic Digital Flat Iron. The flat irons I have used in the past damaged my hair and left it frizzy. The Ceramic Digital Flat does a Great job of leaving my hair silky straigt. It between rounds I might have tv interview, signing autographs for fans or photo shoots for our team marketing promotions, so it's important that I look good. No more helmet hair for me! Said Ms. Llewellyn.

Whether you’re an adrenaline pumped speed junkie a corporate multitasker or a follicularly challenged individual, ProSilk tools and hair care products can help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair faster. Experience the winner’s circle, experience ProSilk.

For information on ProSilk tools and hair care products visit them online at For information on NHRA drag motorcycle racer Peggy Llewellyn visit her website at

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