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Salida, CO (PressExposure) March 07, 2011 -- People's Financial Advisor (PFA) [] , a leading provider of online fiduciary financial planning services, today unveiled that its Financial Plan includes a specific actionable plan for increasing or conserving ones net worth.

Mr. Robert Schumann, Chief Advice Officer at People's Financial Advisor explains:
"There are seven "levers" by which you can influence the wealth accumulation. You have the most control over your savings/spending rate and your debt reduction rate. Every one of us has this amazing ability. We just may not be aware of it's potential power in all areas of life. If you can plan a vacation, build a home or plan your day, you can plan and achieve financial independence. It's 99% mental. The levers give you choices. You can change your beliefs about what is possible for you or you can change the levers until the goals match your current beliefs."

People's Financial Advisor leverages its online interview technology to "discuss" with the client his/her situation and provide a personalized fiduciary advice. A major part of the advice is a 5 years Wealth Accumulation plan (client that achieved financial independence is given a Wealth Conservation plan). Some of the levers considered are savings (determined as % of income), portfolio rate of return (determined by the recommended asset allocation), and Real estate leverage (determined by the size and duration of the mortgage).

Mr. Schumann continues: "Many business coaches and books tell the story of a famous study of 1979 Harvard graduates (or 1953 Yale graduates). Ten years after graduation, the 3% who had written goals were earning ten times the average income of their peers who had no goals. The story is an urban myth, but verifiable research at Dominican University has confirmed the power of putting your goals into writing. You have SMART Goals in writing. SMART stands for Specific Measurable Achievable Results in Time."

Mr. David Ron, Co-Founder & CEO of People's Financial Advisor said: "The difference between dreams and goals is a written plan. Look at the four walls around you. The building first existed as an idea in someone's mind. The blueprint was a key step for converting the dream into the solid structure you can see and touch."

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People's Financial Advisor is a leading provider of fiduciary financial planning services. Designed to help Middle America gain financial independence and peace of mind, convenient online services are balanced with interactive advisor consultations. People's Financial Advisor offers a robust portfolio of services based on a proven behavioral finance approach called the Cambridge Methodology. Services include a free online assessment, online financial planning development tools and advice dealing with all aspects of financial decisions, opportunities and options. For more information please visit [].

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