Performance Food Centers Unveils New Performance Bio-Whey Supplement

Pottstown, PA (PressExposure) October 10, 2009 -- Performance Food Centers (PFC) announces the launch of their newly formulated Performance Bio Whey Protein supplement. Adhering to the company’s guiding philosophy of “Whole Foods Engineered by Nature,” Performance Bio Whey Protein is made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients - the way nature intended.

As an authority in the health and fitness industry, Performance Food Centers found that athletes of all levels often had to settle for sub-standard products; unnatural ingredients, fillers, inferior ingredients and an unappealing flavor were common complaints. With the understanding that these drawbacks can seriously impact an athlete’s training regimen and derail fitness goals, PFC set out to create a protein supplement that athletes will love.

“We spoke with the athletes that use our products to better understand their needs” recounts Dan Young, President and CEO of Performance Food Centers. “They were looking for an adaptable product that could fill a wide variety of needs, whether mixed in a juice bar recovery shake for specific performance goals or added to a meal at home for the whole family, from infants to our red hat ladies and silver sneakers gang”

Protein supplements are used by athletes and whole families alike to improve not only performance but general well being. Commonly associated with serious bodybuilders, the use of protein supplements has now been recognized as a key missing macro nutrient to a healthy life. Present in over-the-counter beverages, drinks at a gym’s health juice bar or incorporated into energy bars available at your local convenience store, protein supplements are critical in providing faster workout recovery, enhanced immune response, greater cellular regeneration and increased strength.

Flexible in its use, Performance Bio Whey Protein can be adapted for use in anyone’s diet. This protein supplement can be added to solid food or consumed in a liquid form, such as healthy fitness smoothies. In fact, this product is equally as good at home in a smoothie, pancakes, parfaits, breakfast cereals or baked goods to help make those tasty treats more nutritionally balanced. Moreover, this formula offers the highest quality protein on the market with virtually no lactose, so that the folks suffering from lactose intolerance will have no problems with digestion.

Focusing on athlete needs and using its extensive experience in the juice bar business , PFC developed Performance Bio Whey Protein with maximum bio-availability and taste in mind. Bio-availability is the percentage of food that is actually digested, absorbed and utilized by the body; Performance Bio Whey’s protein molecules have been naturally broken down through a process called hydrolyzation into very small di and tri-peptides so that they can be easily absorbed through the small intestine. Only natural flavorings, low Glycemic fructose and enzymes are added to further enhance taste and digestibility. From a taste perspective, Performance Bio Whey offers a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s taste: Bold Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, Wild Berry, Strawberry and Banana Blast.

To maximize convenience to consumers, Performance Food Centers intends to offer its Performance Bio-Whey to the public through its website. “It has been my life long passion to simplify the complex world of nutrition and supply nutritional balanced whole-food products to people who care about their bodies” continues Dan Young. For those interested in purchasing PFC’s Performance Bio-Whey supplement, more information can be obtained at its website: []

About Performance Bio-Whey

Performance Bio-Whey is a unique formula, made from only the highest quality natural ingredients, just as Mother Nature intended. Offering superior bio-availability, Performance Bio-Whey is a perfect addition to healthy fitness smoothies and comes in five delicious flavors: Bold Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, Wild Berry, Strawberry and Banana Blast. Perfect for athletes of all levels, Performance Bio-Whey can be purchased in 3, 10 or 25 pound sizes.

About Performance Food Centers

Performance Food Centers is an industry leader in the planning, design, operation and supply of juice bars across North America. Serving over 910 juice bars, fitness centers, schools and coffee shops, Performance Food Centers offers expertise in every facet of juice bar business.

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