Permanent Penis Enlargement Methods that Really Work

Miami, FL (PressExposure) November 29, 2009 -- One of the most important issues in penis enlargement is finding the best method to naturally promote permanent penis enlargement, and more importantly, finding a method that you can have trust in.

The penis enlargement industry today is filled with tons of products that are misleading and are not proven to be safe and effective. For instance, there are no pills that can actually make your penis bigger (do a Google search for your favorite penis enlargement pill, and type "complaints" or "scam" next to the name of the pill).

The majority of these penis enlargement products have been created by individuals and companies who want to profit off of one of men's largest insecurities. Be very careful to do some research before you buy into any penis enlargement products.

While many products are scams, here are a few penis enlargement methods that actually do work:

• Surgery is one approach to permanent penis enlargement that works and is supported by the medical community. Surgery is undertaken by men who are really determined to leave the operating room with a larger penis, and in no time. However the down side to penile enlargement surgery is the high cost, and the potential damage to your erections.

• Another approach to permanent penis enlargement is the use of hormone replacement therapy. The idea of this approach is to correct the hormonal imbalance that hinders the growth of the penis into its maximum size. Testosterone levels in adolescents is responsible for the development of the penis. Introducing testosterone to teens who have a slow development of their penis can help increase its size, but this would only work for teenagers... as fully grown adults, testosterone would do nothing to increase the size of a penis.

• There is also a penis enlargement device that provides permanent growth called a traction device. The traction device is worn while the penis is in a flaccid state, and it holds it out in a stretched manner for prolonged periods of time. This penis enlargement device can permanently add inches to your erect length, but will do little if anything to increase the girth of your penis.

• Last but not least, penis enlargement exercises are another option. Penis enlargement exercises work by stretching the penis, and engorging it with more blood through manual manipulation. Over time, the penis breaks down and heals itself, in a larger state, much like muscles do while weight training. These exercises are easy to perform, highly effective, and can add inches to your erect length AND girth. This is my personal favorite option when it comes to natural, permanent penis enlargement.

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