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Springfield, MO (PressExposure) March 21, 2011 -- This intrepid personal developement and Neuro-linguistic programming master-pratitioner, Emmanuel Segui, quit his home land, France, about 5 years ago to develop well-reviewed products. This time we were on his heels for his new product, interesting titled "The 10-Minute Total Life Makeover", a book and multi-media guide that share the secrets of getting extreme confidence and self esteem with the science of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

Emmanuel introduced some of his breakthroughs with us, but there is one aspect that sets it apart from other similar products on the Internet. This guide and new product comes from his own life experiences. It is almost an autobiography. How he went from being super shy and having social phobia to being super confident in his ability to become successful and take charge of his life. This package guarantees, through NLP (an abbreviation of neuro-linguistic programming) and other neuro-semantics cutting edge techniques, that anyone can reprogram his life and get extreme confidence and very high self-esteem. This is, according to him, the secret to attract anything you want in life: extreme confidence in yourself, in your abilities and in the universe.

He calls his breakthrough methods, the "10-Minute Total Life Makeover". It is a multi-media guide involving 6 super easy steps, or mind games, to achieve ultimate self esteem. This is a system based on how the psychological factors play a major role in each person's journey towards success.

More specifically, the "10-Minute Total Life Makeover" uses the most advanced neuro-linguistic programming techniques and the techniques of the "social panorama model" developed by Lucas Derks. It also incorporates the discoveries of neurology and semantics and how the meanings we create about ourselves shape our life. The "10-Minute Total Life Makeover" uses NLP techniques such as time lines, sliding anchors, self image reframing, meaning distorsion, modalities and meta modalities techniques, the 4 powers for greatness and many more personal development tools.

We had the chance to interview Emmanuel to help us undertand his view of how you can be successful and the key ingredients. Here's a small part of it. We thought it would be important to quote it here.

Interviewer: So for you, NLP has changed your life, is that correct?

Emmnanuel Segui: Actually speaking, yes. I wanted answers. I wanted to know how I could stop this extreme shyness and this social phobia that I had when I was 24. I was really desperate and at some point, I just was crying in my apartment, alone. I didn't want to see anybody, I was literraly afraid of people.

Interviewer: And so how did you change your life at that moment? Was it a turning point for you?

Emmanuel Segui: well yeah. I mean, I was so frightened by everybody and everything that I had to do something. I couldn't live like that and be socially normal. So I happened to discover the world of personal development and more specifically neuro-linguistic programming and I was fascinated by the simplicity of the methods and the fast results that I got. I started to see some change and started to take classes to know more about these life-changing tools. I then got certified as NLP master practitioner, Neuro-semantics practitioner and Ericksonian hypnosis master practitioner. I took me 4 years to complete all this and I litteraly was a new man.

Interviewer: So your new product "The 10-Minute Total Life Makeover" is a compilation of what you learned?

Emmanuel Segui: Not exactely, it is more a compilation of the most life-changing tools I used during my life to make a long lasting change in terms of confidence and self-esteem. I explain time lines for exemple and we go over a powerful exercise that literraly takes you (in your mind) to the time when you were born, or even before, and reprogram all your bad habits and bad programming. This is powerful. I also talk about self-image and how it is affecting your life, unconsciously, every minute of every day and how you can consciously program your self image to become more successful.

NLP and hypnosis are proven powerful tools to create fast and long lasting results. You don't need to know NLP or hypnosis at all to perform these simple mind games that provide quick results. In fact, the explanations are so easy to follow that you can perform NLP on someone else, like your children for exemple. In fact, they will probably love it. They will move, imagine, create a new world and they are very good at that. They don't need hypnosis. Adults do.

So if you are a person who is lacking self-esteem, or you want to impress a girl, or learn more advanced neuro linguistic programming techniques, become an alpha male, regain your lost confidence in your abilities to create great relationships, success or abundance, then the "10-Minute Total Life Makeover" blueprint is for you.

Quite understandably, this new product is targeted to anyone wanting more self-esteem and confidence with the tools of NLP, in the goal of attracting what you want in your life. The low price of the product is another factor that is making people consider it as a worthwhile purchase. Nonetheless, Emmanuel Segui's mind is already busy in hammering out another interesting invention that can benefit the millions of personal development enthusiasts worldwide.

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