Personalized Basket without Lindt Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles

New York, (PressExposure) March 26, 2009 -- If you are looking for a unique Easter gift, something to make that special occasion a little different and memorable? Personalized baskets are fun when filled with gourmet Lindt dark chocolate lindor truffles, teddy bears, and other delectable treats.

Chocolate gift baskets are especially noted for the variety of chocolate they carry. If the recipient is a lover of chocolates, he or she is going to go wild with selections of dark chocolates, nuts in chocolates, fruits, and almonds, and that too with different flavors such as raspberry or caramel. The more chocolate variations, the better!

You can then add personal touches unique to his or her interests...a bottle of wine is amazing with chocolate. Add some spring flowers, delicious fruit and cheese, and you have the makings of a really special gift. Personalized baskets are a unique way to celebrate the coming of spring.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles! Lindt is one of the most popular Swiss chocolate companies which offer a variety of beautiful Valentine packaging for chocolates that include truffles and bars. Your gift can come in gift baskets, heart-shaped boxes and teddy bears.

Who doesn't like to get chocolates for a gift? Perhaps that is why chocolates have been a favorite gift for many occasions over the last two centuries.

From the first time that chocolate bars were created and enjoyed, to the most expensive gourmet chocolates created by incredible chocolatiers today, this delectable delight never fails to please anyone when received as a gift!

Valentines day special What is the finest type of chocolate? Gourmet dark chocolate, of course. Dark chocolate has the richest flavor of any other chocolate products. The reason is actually quite simple. As the name implies, "dark" chocolate does have a darker look than regular chocolate. The difference in appearance is due to the higher concentration of cocoa that it contains. The extra amount of cocoa is what gives gourmet dark chocolate its extra rich taste and flavor.

Gourmet dark chocolate has a harder texture compared to regular chocolate, but it is still smooth. A characteristic that gourmet dark chocolate is known for is snapping when you break it instead of bending or crumbling, which often happens with non-gourmet chocolates.

Bars are the most popular gourmet dark chocolate items, but other products are available as well. Gourmet boxed chocolates, truffles, clusters, and hot cocoa mixes are all made in dark chocolate varieties. Many gourmet gift sets include also dark chocolate items.

Gourmet dark chocolate has recently become more popular due to the health benefits that have been found to be associated with it. Medical studies have found that small servings may have beneficial effects on blood pressure and prevention of heart disease. These same effects are not found with milk chocolate or white chocolate, only the dark variety.

So if you are looking for the finest type of chocolate around, look no further than Lindt dark chocolate Lindor truffles . For it's rich and smooth flavor and potential health benefits, it is the finest choice in gourmet chocolates.

REVIEWS "Heaven in a wrapper" I AM...a chocolate lover, coffee freak, addicted to this product, know what I like.

A co-worker of mine once described the Lindt chocolates as "better than sex!" and I think she was onto something with that comment. These delicious truffles come in a variety of chocolates (milk, dark, white...) so there's something for everyone. Each piece is a little ball of chocolate-y heaven. The Lindt Truffles make a wonderful gift and a great treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Savoring these chocolates is hard because once the tongue tastes the delicious flavor, the teeth immediately want to get involved.

"The best chocolate you will ever eat!!" I AM...value conscious, into trying new things, know what I like, watching my weight.

I absolutly adore these chocolates! My best friend got me them once for my birthday and now I am thoroughly addicted. They taste great and the mix of the hard shell and the soft inside is great. My favorite is the white chocolate and the milk chocolate with the white chocolate center. I say you have to try these.

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