Phoenix Coaching to Help Small Businesses Survive and Avoid Failure

Cave Creek, AZ (PressExposure) March 26, 2012 -- The Redwood Alliance, a group composed of business owners and professionals who are experts in the field of business introduces Phoenix Coaching as part of their regular activities. Owners of small businesses can learn a lot about business techniques and strategies from these coaching sessions. This will in turn help them avoid failure and achieve growth and development.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) published a fact sheet which reveals the truth about start-up and small businesses. According to the figures, 70 percent of new businesses survive at least two years and 51 percent survive at least five years. This means that there are a significant percentage of businesses failing within the first five years of operation.

Les Abrams, cofounder of the thriving small business board called The Redwood Alliance, tells of his opinion about these unfortunate circumstances. "There are several factors which dictate a business success or failure. Our group discusses some of these factors as well as their possible solutions to help small businesses in Phoenix survive especially in the first several years of operation." He added, "Owners should be able to have a full understanding of how to effectively run their businesses. They must familiarize themselves with the factors that can lead them to success and factors that can lead them to failure."

The Redwood Alliance provides an excellent platform for business coaching where participants will share their knowledge and ideas on how strengthen and stabilize their business and make it grow. One of its members shares his thoughts about the group, "Redwood's atmosphere and structure creates a free-flow of ideas that have benefited me greatly, from social media campaign improvement, business plan adjustment and focus, tax planning, and on and on. In each meeting, I take away something unexpected. Most of all, I like the members of the group."

Some of the most common reasons why a business can fail are poor accounting, poor management, lack proper techniques and strategies, competition and several others. These are all discussed and properly addressed in the group. This could be one of the reasons why majority of the members of The Redwood Alliance are successful in their businesses.

Putting up and managing your own business can be very challenging especially if it is your first experience. But with the help of business groups such as The Redwood Alliance which facilitates Phoenix Coaching for business, you can be more confident to handle all the challenges you face. "Business owners and managers who are hard working, patient and willing to learn have the greatest potential to bring success into their business," said Abrams.

As challenging as it may be, owning your own business is also very rewarding. You will have no boss to dictate on you what to do and you will have greater earning potential as long as you work hard. You can also explore many possibilities for the growth of your business without getting approval from someone. There will be endless opportunities for you if you own your business.

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If you are seeking for small business coaching The Redwood Alliance is the right group for you. The group strives to help their members achieve a strong and profitable business venture that can endure the challenges it encounters. Feel free to visit their Web site at You may also contact them at 623-221-2706 or email at

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