Photographer Now Teaching Enthusiasts How To Take Clear, Professional Looking Shots With Most Average Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras

Brisbane, Queenslaand (PressExposure) September 19, 2006 -- Brisbane, Queensland (Aust) September 15th, 2006 – Now, the way to get your precious memories into photos with sharp clarity, depth and detail has arrived. And it won’t cost you anywhere near what a digital photography course does. Not only will your photos gleam with professional quality, it’s all explained out in layman’s terms. At last professional photographic methods explained in plain English, and for just a small fraction of the price of a course.

Amy Renfrey is a digital photographer with a difference. She actually wants to share her information with struggling, passionate photography enthusiasts. She’s making this professional information accessible to people right now. She’s now packaged it all into her new book “Digital Photography Success.” And it’s taking the internet by storm. “Digital Photography Success” is a comprehensive ebook about how to start taking photos like a professional digital photographer would to get clear detail and depth. And you can do it on an ordinary point and shoot. To prove it she took all her professional photos used in her new book with a point and shoot that’s 5 years old.

And what motivated her to share her knowledge with struggling digital photography enthusiasts?

“I was at a point where I was so passionate about digital photography but wanted to learn it properly. I didn’t have to stop working to do a course, and I wanted photography explained in simple English.” Amy explains.

“I wrote the book to make professional photography techniques and artistic techniques readily available to people who were like me.” She says.

Amy Renfrey is a self taught photographer specialising in the digital medium. She is now hired to do many photographic events such as 21st birthdays, nature photos for websites and brochures, and does private shoots for musicians. Her favourite shoot was taking photos of Prince’s (NPG) drummer John Blackwell and Anastasia’s drummer, Magesh. Her photos of Magesh are on his website and Johns are his own personal collection.

“You know once you know how; it’s not hard to become really expert at photography” Amy smiles.

“You must first realise that you are an artist. You may not have a paint brush but you have a camera. And with that camera you can create stunning works of art. And once you get over the hurdle of the “tech- talk” you can really achieve anything.”

Amy’s Book “Digital Photography Success” is a huge hit with photo enthusiasts all over the world. Her clients range from young twenty something’s to elderly people in their 80’s.

One enthusiast describes her book as the best book on photography to date. Regan Thomas, a fan says; “This ebook is by far the best ebook on photography on the internet to date. I have come across no other that is so well written and gives simple to understand explanations about the technical stuff. What a refreshing experience it is to learn something that hurt your head before but now it’s explained to you this way, you actually understand it! It’s great because you are on the ‘little guys’ side. And respect that not all of us can afford to go to photography school and learn this stuff.”

Amy has sold over 3000 copies of her new book on the internet in just 6 months. And it’s no wonder with stories like that.

Probably the most important thing that Amy does for her customers is help them personally. When you sign up and buy the book she is also very easy to contact.

“My support doesn’t end when someone buys the book” she says adamantly. When you buy you don’t just get a book, you get a teacher. From then on you can send her any photo you are having difficulty with and she will help you perfect that picture until you get it right. She asks you to place it on a blog or website where she can view it. She then helps you further by taking you through the steps you need to do to get that digital photo looking like something out of a magazine. And she guarantees her promise.

“If you don’t improve your photography I will refund 100%. No questions asked,” she smiles with a wave of her hand.

“My main aim is to help people feel happy when they look at their photos and take pictures they’ll be happy with for the rest of their lives. I guess you could say my job is to teach people how to become great at what they love the most.”

Amy’s ebook “Digital Photography Success” can be found at and she answers all emails personally. She welcomes any questions people have about her book. She can send you a table of contents so you can see what’s in it before your purchase. You can also go to her blog to get free tutorials on digital photography.

For more questions you can email her at her website or just go to her blog and contact her there.

Amy Renfrey, Digital Photographer

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