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Yet when you ask most guests after the event what do they recall and remember most it is invariably the wedding meal and beverages.

Choosing a wedding day caterer can make or break your event – after all it’s your “Bride’s day in the Sun”. How can you host an exceptional event and as well work along with your chosen reception event caterer?

Choosing a wedding caterer can make or break your wedding’s roll-out. After all choosing a proper wedding catering expert can take one major worry off your mind. Why not make life easier for yourself.

It can be said that when it comes to the hospitality trade that word of mouth and the personal experience and experiences of others can be the best guide. Simply ask around. Make it a point of inquiring friends and acquaintances the weddings and hosted events in their minds where food , service and delivery was downright exceptional and which festivities the meal and service levels were not to be recommended.

Ask what was memorable, and what was not. Consistency counts most of all. It can be said that consistency of service levels, final food products and professionalism in the final banquet room presentation and delivery is more than vital and important overall. While it can be said that every catering and food services operation has their good and bad days it is the overall consistency that counts most of all.

Remember that you do not only have to focus on caterers and catering services that list themselves solely as “Wedding Caterers” and those who do “Banquet Catering”. Most caterers ca do the job if equipped with the necessary kitchen space, staff and transportation facilities. Use your best judgment skills.

Work with these professionals. After all they should know their trade in and out. Take advantage of their skills and experience. They will know their own specialties and preferences best and as well what pitfalls to avoid. After all they have seen most of the wedding day and banquet reception mistakes to avoid and what works best for most families. It is a truism.

Plan ahead. Its standard food service and planning procedure. First on order is to decide and determine your overall catering budget beforehand. Your festivities budget may increase incrementally but at least this gives you a base dollar value with which to work and plan with. Next have a general idea of how many guests you will invite to the day’s events. You may well have to “negotiate “this number beforehand with family members. On the spot in your meeting with the food services professional is not the place to make these decisions. This way you can talk turkey of what your budget for food and beverages will be per guest.

The second step is to check with the venue itself, where you will be holding your reception. As part of a booking or package deal some of establishments on your list may well insist that you utilize their facilities. In the case of venues such as hotels they may even have their own licensed or preferred caterers or bar serving staff. It is always best legal and event booking practice to always ask before signing the final papers for the celebration dinner center or banquet hall contracts.

Lastly again to stress always take the greatest efforts to involve the caterers and catering professionals in your meal choices and selections. Remember it’s their business, training and expertise. They make these choices and decisions day in and day out. True your wedding event is more than a major event in your own and your families social and entertainment calendar. Yet these experts do it day and day out. In a routine and polished manner. It can be said that they have seen it all before – when it comes to banquets, food services and wedding hosted events. When it comes down to practical logistics of food, food preparations, practical logistics and serving matters established and experienced caterers usually know best.

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