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New York, New York (PressExposure) August 28, 2009 -- Everyday, we are exposed to various factors which stimulate aging, make us feel stressed and easily tired, and make us susceptible to many diseases. These factors speed up aging and weaken our immune resistance, so that we cannot function very well due to stress and illnesses. Fortunately, scientists have discovered a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of medicine which permits our body to heal itself naturally. This is a type of cell therapy which takes over our cells' processes to free us from free radicals and stresses, cleanse and detoxify us from chemicals and toxins and enables our body organs to function efficiently. This type of therapy permits the elimination of injured, infected and diseased cells and promotes cell regeneration, growth and effective functioning. YOU ARE BEING OFFERED AN OPPORTUNITY to learn the ways of natural healing so that you can enhance not only your own life, but also the lives and well-being of the people you care about.

PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy Distance Learning Course has been designed to make you learn step-by-step through a series of modules which makes you learn and apply the basic principles behind plant stem cells therapy, not only for your own health and well being but also in the lives of people around you. Whether you are a health practitioner, a medical and health sciences student, or a lay person interested in learning the healing science and art of PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy, this short yet detailed and comprehensive course is aimed at bringing you the following:

• A deeper knowledge on the ancient-yet-novelty healing science and art of Plant Stem Cells therapy, and how it differs from other therapies under complementary and alternative medicine. • An understanding on how to prepare and use Plant Stem Cell extracts to heal illnesses and promote well-being, through our educational webinars and course materials • A Materia Medica on "PLANT STEM CELL THERAPY" Regenerative Medicine, which holds the secrets to the science behind plant stem cell therapy. It contains information regarding the actions of plant stem cell therapy, phytochemistry composition of plant stem cell agents, plant growth hormones and its numerous benefits, other components of plant stem cell agents such as nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants. It discusses in detail the eco-physiology of phytoremediation, ecorestoration and phytochemicals. It also gives information on clinical indications and pharmacology of various plant stem cells and discusses on the treatment protocols for specific types of illnesses.

• A PSC Food Bible which contains information on how to choose prepare food the healthy way and contains various recipes for the attainment of a balanced life, rejuvenation, detoxification and healing from injuries, wounds and illnesses and weight loss and maintenance. • A Plant Stem Cells Wiki, which is a database of all the herbs being used in plant stem cells therapy, their clinical indications and their phytochemical constituents. It also contains a list of the most common concentrated PSC antibacterial and antiviral phytochemicals. • References on how to live a balanced life • The opportunity to learn on how to live a long, healthy and disease-free life and to share this knowledge to the people you care for • An insight of alternative and complementary medicine and how it is an important pat of our daily lives.

The PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy Distance Learning Course can be started at anytime during the year. What makes this so convenient is that you can take this course wherever you want--in the comfort of your homes or in your office or school--within a time frame which is designed to suit your daily work and lifestyle, as you can take breaks whenever and however you like.

Upon completion, a certificate will be granted to you which will qualify you to practice Plant Stem Cells Therapy (for health practitioners).

What is Plant Stem Cells Therapy?

Although PSC plant stem cells therapy is a novel, natural way of healing, the story of PSC plant stem cells is not new. It dates back to ancient Egypt, when buds were being used in illnesses. In 1970, Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian Medical Doctor, published his findings on the use of extracts from buds and other plant material. He called his study on phytoembryotherapy, a therapy which is based on biologic energy from plants and other natural resources. Dr. Max Tetau then popularized "gemmotherapy" or "bud therapy" in France. It was Dr. Dominique Richard who brought gemmotherapy to New York.

PSC plant stem cells therapy is a form of therapy which used extracts from buds, young shoots and young roots. These plant parts were chosen to be made into extracts because they were believed to be the center of a plant's energy and thus, they are the main source of therapeutic effects. These parts, made into PSC plant stem cells, also differ from the adult plant parts because they are less exposed to toxins and pollution.

PSC plant stem cells are a treasury of effective therapies. Embryonic tissue found in PSC plant stem cells contains biologic energy and the genetic information for future plants. PSC plant stem cells also has an abundance of precious substances such as growth hormones, including auxins, gibberellins, ethylene, abscisic acid, cytokinins, nucleic acids, minerals, oligoelements, flavonoids, vitamins and enzymes.

PSC plant stem cells contain auxins, which are plant hormones which were discovered by Charles Darwin in 1880. They stimulate cell growth and strengthen the immune system. They also contain Indoleacetic acid which helps regenerate tissues and lessens inflammation.

PSC plant stem cells also contain gibberellins, which stimulate RNA and protein synthesis. The cytokinins found in PSC plant stem cells protect cells as they go into the process of cell division, thus they show promise in cancer therapy. Abscisic acid, also found in PSC plant stem cells create resistance to stress.

Thus it is not surprising that PSC plant stem cells is now being used for athletes, growth problems in children, replacement therapy for aging, adjunct to would healing. PSC plant stem cell therapy increases exercise endurance, facilitates healing after illnesses and hospitalizations. PSC plant stem cells reverses skin and body aging, firms muscles, reduces weight and body fat, enhances memory, improves vision, makes skin soft, smooth and firm, reverses osteoporosis due to its osteoblastic action, and improves sleep.

PSC plant stem cells are not toxic to the body. They have many routes of elimination, as compared to drugs, and this is protective against toxicity.

Be a part of this revolutionary breakthrough in the field of complementary and alternative medicine! Be the first practitioners of the science and art of Plant Stem Cells Therapy! Enroll now and be a part of this rapidly expanding field of medicine!

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